Chug Chug Chug

Sunday, September 28th was a special day.  It was Bug’s very first train ride.  We’d been trying to make this trip to the train for some time, but the weather always seemed to be against us.  We’d hoped that Sunday would be an exception to the rainy day rule that was in effect, but despite the decent start to the day, the afternoon was filled with dripping drops.

On our drive down to the train, we took a spur of the moment detour to the New York State Power Authority’s Gilboa Dam.  It was a nice place to stop and rest our legs even though we hadn’t been in the car long.  The leaves on the trees were just starting to turn leaving the mountains dotted with color.

Gilboa Dam

Here’s Bug showing off his dandelion that he found.

Bug's dandelion

Bug and Daddy

Bug and Daddy, Gilboa Dam

This bench was great fun.  What better place to “hide” behind and jump out hollering “boo” at “unsuspecting” parents.

Bug Bench

After our quick break, we hopped back into the car and headed down to Arkville to the Delaware and Ulster Rail Ride.  The last time I was there was in 1989…I have the old pamphlet to prove it.  My parents found it and gave it to me (My family is such a bunch of pack rats!)

When we pulled into the parking lot, Bug got so excited.  He kept saying, “We’re here!  We’re here!” and as soon as we got out of the car he wanted to ride the train…despite the fact that we arrived around 12:30pm and the train didn’t leave until 2…poor dear had to sit through a torturous lunch and then another wait after the train arrived until the allowed us to board.

Bug and Daddy watching the train pull into the station. The train was returning from it’s earlier run and was dropping passengers off. Bug wanted to get right on and go, right then and there.

Bug and Daddy watching the train pull into the station

So Excited

To kill some time before we were allowed to board, we went into the Arkville station’s museum and gift shop.  Bug found a hole in the wall and kept peeking thought it to make sure that the train didn’t leave with out us.


So after what must have seemed like utter eternity to a three and a half year old we boarded the train.  He decided that he wanted to sit with Grandma and Grandpa rather than Mommy and Daddy.

Bug and Grandpa

Bug and Grandpa

My Mom and Dad (aka Grandma and Grandpa)

Grandma and Grandpa

Looking out the rainy window.

Bug and Daddy looking out the rainy window

We stopped at the Roxbury station, while the engine switched positions, and braved the rain to see the small train museum inside the original station.  They have a few displays of how the trains looked back in the day and some old pictures.

Model trains

These buckets and barrels made a good photo opportunity.

Boxes and Barrels

Bug and Mommy.
He was getting tired…a long day without any naps…so he ‘nuggled with Mommy for a bit.

Bug and Mommy

This was Bug on our way home.  Poor thing crashed.  Must have been a good day.


Stay tuned for my next post with pictures of the train and some of the things we saw.


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