Food For Friday 10/13-10/17 & 10/20-10/24

I’m trying to plan out my menu for the next 2 weeks and I’m have a lot of trouble coming up with ideas.  There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of inexpensive food items on sale so it’s either going to be another expensive grocery week or a cheap menu using stuff from the freezer.

Monday – Craft night – Leana’s turn to cook – I think she’s ordering pizza.   I’m making an apple crisp for dessert – I promised her.
Tuesday – Cranberry-mustard pork tenderloin (pg 62 in Rival New Creative Crockpot Cookbook.
Wednesday -Left overs or zuchinni la’mess
Thursday – Game night – dinner to be determined later
Friday -Barber’s chicken cordon bleu and fries

Monday – Craft Night – my turn to cook – Crockpot Beef stew with homemade bread
Tuesday – Spagetti with homemade sauce
Wednesday – Ham, mashed potatoes, and veggies
Thursday -Homemade baked Mac & Cheese with ham
Friday -Pizza with homemade crust, pepperoni and ham

Hopefully this menu won’t break the bank…I did plan for some fresh meat dishes (meat is expensive lately) as well as incorporating some frozen items I already have.   Hopefully we can stick to our list and not buy too much extra stuff we don’t “need.”  Fingers crossed for a shopping trip that’s under $150.


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