Fun Filled Sunday

So yesterday was a day filled with “experimental” fun, Halloween costumes and spur of the moment decisions.

To start, Darling Hubby and I took Bug to the NYS Museum where they were holding thier annual National Chemistry Day.  Darling Hubby is a chemist and the year that I was pregnant with Bug, both he and I went and worked a table making goop out of borax and glue.  It’s been a few years since then and we figured Bug would be old enough to do some of the experiments and get a few goodies to take home.  Plus, he would get to interact with other people.

When we arrived the first thing he received was his very own pair of safety goggles.  It’s chemistry so even the littlest scientists had to have eye protection.  Bug calls his goggles his Wobble Goggles like Mover Scott from the Imagination Movers.  He loves that show!  After donning his safety equipment we proceeded to check out all the tables.  The first one we stopped at was making ice cream using dry ice.  Bug was very happy to have a cup of ice cream at 10am.  He then got to get inside a giant bubble.

Giant Bubble

Then he got to blow some bubbles in a lunch tray to measure lung capacity.  He just wanted to blow the bubbles.  He also learned what Dawn dish detergent tastes like.  Now I know what to use when he swears!

Blowing Bubbles
He also enjoyed popping the bubbles.


He also enjoyed making a paper car that moved by wind power using paper, straws, life savers candy, and pipe cleaners.

Building car


I think the highlight of the morning, for me, was watching a college student attempt to explain why oil and water separate when shaken together to a 3 year old.  Bug could have cared less about why.  He just wanted to use the droppers to mix the red and blue liquids together and shake them up.  I got a giggle out if watching it all.

After a quick bite to eat at the Subway Cafe in the museum, we went down to the lower level where they were holding a Monster Mash and Bash.  Kids got to wear their costumes and do some Halloween crafts and even get their faces painted.  Bug was just so excited to finally wear his Spider-man costume.


Bug wasn’t really into doing the crafts, although he did do a couple to humor mommy…and so he could stay for the little parade around the museum.

What is that?


After the parade we came home and I made the spur of the moment (well, spur of the day, really) decision that I wanted to cut my hair.  Lately with my friend Suzy needing to cut off her hair because of the chemo making it fall out, the fact that I only ever where my hair pulled back in a low pony tail anymore, I clog the drain when I shower and that my hair was getting in the way more often than not (i.e. Darling Hubby was always laying on it or pulling it accidentally.)  I did want to donate my hair to Locks of Love to be used for wigs for kids, but I’m not sure they will be able to use it since it’s been colored several times…I’ll send it anyway and if they can use it, they can.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a before picture.  My hair was only slightly longer than this picture taken in July.


Long hair



This is actually the shortest my hair has ever been.  I had it chin length for my Junior prom in High School, but the back was the same length as the front.  This time it’s shorter, much shorter.  It’s weird to wash it now.  I’m used to using a ton of shampoo and conditioner and having to comb it in the shower and all the time afterwards.  This is much easier and I love the look of it.  Everyone in the salon told me I looked much younger (being only 28 I’ll take that as a compliment).  What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Fun Filled Sunday

  1. Love the hair! Send me your mailing address so I can put you on my Christmas Card list. Yes, it’s early. But, I have to gather other lists at the same time that have to be mass e-mailed, and figured I would get mine done, too!

  2. Cute, cute, cute hairdo!!!! Love it! You’re a braver woman than me, though. I had short hair my whole life – until I had kids, actually. It took the pg hormones (and being away from my mom and her penchant for short hair) for me to row my hair!

    And Little Spidey is too adorable!!!!! Glad you had a fun weekend!

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