Ghost Dog and Other Freaky Tales

So this past Monday at craft night, the girls and I were talking about scary ghost stories and I shared a couple personal experiences that I’ve had over the years at my parents house.  I thought I’d post some here.

Let’s see…let’s start with the Ghost Dog.

When I was in 8th grade or so, my beagle Samantha, who was 10 and a half years old, died during the night.  All was quiet in the house for a while until one night I woke up in the night to go to the bathroom and I heard the sounds of a dog drinking very loudly from the water bowl in the kitchen, just down the hall from my room.  I automatically assumed it was one of our other dogs, Sheba or Gabrielle, and went to get out of bed.  I found that Sheba was curled up on the rug next to my bed and listening closer, realized that the sound was much too loud to be Gabrielle drinking…she was just a tiny poodle and often never got down off the bed in the night.  I left my room and ventured across the hall to my mom’s room to see if Gabrielle was in there and upon waking my mom learned the poodle was curled up on the foot of the bed…I continued to hear the sound, as did my mom.  Together, we walked down the short hallway to the kitchen and as soon as my mom flipped on the light switch, the lapping sound stopped.  There was no one in the kitchen.  Freaky.

That wasn’t the last time Sam could be heard in the house at night.  My mom claims she’s heard her jump up on the back of the couch (where she wasn’t supposed to be when she was alive) and has also heard her rubbing her back on the edge of the bed and underneath the kitchen chairs.

On to “Wedding Day Tugs”

The day after I got married in 2002, Darling Hubby and I drove down to my parents house to spend a little more time with family and to see my brother Frank who, for various reasons, was unable to attend the ceremony or reception.  My Uncle and Aunt (my mom’s brother and wife) flew in from Illinois to meet me for the first time, to attend the wedding and to see his sister, whom he hadn’t seen in over 25 years.  While we were  visiting in the living room, I assumed my usual spot standing in front of the fireplace.  Don’t ask me why, but that’s always where I stand when we are just talking in the living room.  I always have, whether there was a fire or not.  This time, as I was standing there, I felt something tug at the back of my right sleeve.  I turned and looked and there was no one behind me.  I mentioned it to the room and we kinda laughed about it.  We’ve always had the running joke the the house is haunted anyway.  A little while later I was standing in the archway between the living room and the kitchen and it happened again.  Same sleeve, same tugging feeling.  This time I was a bit creeped out.

We got talking about different freaky things and it turns out that my mom, during the time my Aunt and Uncle were staying with them, began smelling her Daddy’s (My grandfather’s) snuff.  My aunt also smelled it, but was reluctant to say anything about it, because she figured she was going crazy.  We came to the conclusion that my grandfather was around visiting his children and wanted to congratulate me on getting married.  Weird.

Since we are on the subject of my grandfather, my mother is convinced that he comes around, a lot.  My mom has a set of those battery operated candles.  You know the ones that people put in their windows during Christmastime.  Well, they used to sit on the entertainment center in the living room.  One day, one of the lights was lit, but no one turned it on.  Mom went to unscrew the top to turn it off and the top just fell right off.  She tried to get it to light again just by putting the top back on, but it wouldn’t light.  She found you had to screw the top down quite a bit before it would turn on.  This type of thing would happen fairly often so eventually she took the batteries out of the light and they got moved into her bedroom above her bed during some rearranging.  My dad was walking out of the bedroom one day and noticed that the light was on again.  He mentioned it to my mom who went in to check it out and saw that it was on and there were NO BATTERIES in it.  Explain that one….

A while ago, my mom was talking about her sister Clarice in our kitchen and she watched the wooden cutting board that was stored standing on end between the wall and the microwave slide to the right as if someone was pulling it from it’s storage place.

Just recently, my mom told me she was sweeping the back porch while my dad was working outside.  She distinctly heard a male voice ask, “What are you doing?” to which she replied, “Sweeping.”  When she looked around she saw no one was there and when she looked around for my dad, saw that he was up on top of the hill at the horse barn, very far from the house.  Strange.

There you have it…some of the freaky, creepy and just plain strange things that have happened at my house.  I’m just waiting for Thanksgiving when we go back.  If was stay over night I might just have a haunting tale to tell about Blossom returning from the grave!  Ooohhh!!  Happy Halloween!


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