Halloween – Past and Present

My friend Shannon posted some pics of her daughter Cassie in her Halloween costumes over the years and it made me a bit nostalgic of Bug when he was littler.  I dug through my old pics and pulled out some of his past costumes.

Here he is October 2005 about 9 months old. I whipped this costume up Halloween day in a few minutes from some red Christmas felt I had floating around (after I insisted for months that he didn’t need a costume cause he was too little). It worked out well that I had a pair of red sweatpants with a hole in the tush that was the right place to add a little devil tail. I think this is my favorite costume of all!

Devil Bug

Devil Bug & Mommy

Here he is dressed in his “Purple Paloo” costume in 2006 at 21 months. He was some sort of little monster and he was most adorable!
Purple Paloo & Mommy

Purple Paloo

Last year he was on a big superhero kick and wanted to be Superman. Here’s my little Superman at 33 months in 2007.

Superman and Mommy

Superman and Mommy

And I know it’s not Halloween yet, but Bug has been dying to wear his costume so we’ve taken him to a couple Halloween events so he can wear it. Here he is at 45 months (again – since I’ve posted this picture once before) donning his Spider-man costume. We are still on the superhero kick…and I have a feeling he’s going to want to be a superhero for the next few years…we’ll see.


Don’t worry, I’ll have more pics from Friday of Mall-o-ween at the mall and maybe some trick or treating at the neighbors if it’s not too cold and rainy. (Hopefully I’ll get them uploaded and edited this weekend so I can start NaBloPoMo!)


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