The Day After ‘Ween

It’s November (and also NaBloPoMo – I’m starting off strong)!  Halloween is over now and we can get ready for my favorite holiday, Christmas…cause we all know that the Christmas decorations were out in most stores several weeks ago…along with those scary Halloween decorations and costumes.  I did see someone dressed as Santa Claus…I’m wondering if they got confused.

We had a good time yesterday. Bug was so excited about wearing his costume.  He’s been asking for weeks when he could wear his costume and go trick or treating.  He was so excited when I told him it was the day…then he asked if he could put on his costume and go trick or treating every second until it was time to go.

Despite him wanting to go the second he put the costume on, I managed to get a few pictures of him with our Halloween decorations in the front yard.

Bug in the yard

He loved showing off his webbing ability.

Bug webbing

Mommy and her Spider-bug

Mommy and Spiderman

Mommy and Bug

Bug and daddy being scary monsters.

Bug and Daddy as scary monsters

He had a grand time “webbing” daddy with the shreds of material from our cemetery sign.

Spider-man webbing Daddy

After taking pictures in the yard we went to Toys R Us where they were having hourly parades and goodies for the kids.  Bug really wanted to participate in the parade.  It was cute.  He got a nice Trick or Treat bag, some candy, some stickers and coloring sheets, a thing of silly putty, and a light stick for going out Trick or Treating.

Bug and Geofrey

Spider-Bug webbing

After Toys R Us we came home.  We had originally planned to go straight to “Mall-o-ween” at the local mall, but I anticipated the thing at Toys R Us lasting longer than it did and despite wandering around and looking at all the toys, we still had over an hour to kill before the mall thing started.

Instead, we raked leaves.

Spider-man raking leaves

He refused to take the costume off.  Apparently, Spider-man likes doing yard work.

The mall was a lot of fun.  This year we got there early enough that all of the stores still had candy and he got a pretty good stash, including a water bottle from the Apple/Mac store, which Bug is currently drinking cranberry peach juice out of.  We stopped at Friendly’s for dinner and it was a nice treat.  Our server, Laura, was great.  She made sure we had everything and even gave Bug a big bowl of extra pickles with his meal.  He was in heaven.  lol

We got home around 5:30  and got ready for trick or treaters.  We got about a dozen or so before I decided to take Bug out for a little more trick or treating so he could get the whole Halloween experience.  I had originally planned to take him to the houses on our block, but since there we only a couple giving out candy we went around the corner to the next block.  He had a lot of fun knocking and ringing doorbells.  He knows he’s supposed to say “Trick or Treat,” but chose rather to say, “I love candy!”  Silly boy!

This year Halloween was a big hit.  He understood the whole I get candy thing and the whole costume thing, much better than last year.  He really looked forward to it…and I can see that the next couple weeks are going to be tough on mommy.  Not because of the candy that we scored (and the ton we had left over) but because he’s going to want to wear his costume every day.  lol  I can see next year is going to be a lot of fun!


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