Wiggly Sunday

Today was a special day in our house.  Aside from the time change last night, losing an hour of sleep and running to Walmart this morning to pick up a new toaster after our old one died trying to toast our last bagel, we got to see the Wiggles live in concert at the Times Union Center.  This is actually the second time we’ve seen them in concert.  Darling Hubby put in for tickets through work months ago, back before Bug became an Imagination Movers addict!  We ended up getting the tickets and despite his waning interest in all things Wiggle we figured Bug would still have a good time.  We decided that it would be a good day out and pretty cheap, too, since we got the tickets for free and only had to pay for parking and snacks.

If you ask him, he says he had a good time…although the pictures of him show otherwise…lol  He did put in a request for popcorn and water just like he had the last time we saw the Wiggles.  I had a good time at any rate.  Here are some pictures from the Pop Go the Wiggles Live! Concert.

Popcorn munching

The Wiggles driving the Big Red Car

Big Red Car

Pop Go The Wiggles!
Jeff in the giant Jack-in-the-Box

Pop Go The Wiggles!

I think the highlight of the day for Bug was went Sam came up the stairs right next to our section.  We were only a few seats away from him.  His face lit up and he was waving.  It was really cute.


While the other Wiggles were waiting for Sam to make his way back to the stage from his visit in the crowd they were singing Hoop Dee Do (a polka) and they ended it by doing the five different endings they’d prepared.
This is the “Patrick Swayze” ending just like in Dirty Dancing.  I love that movie!

Patrick Swayze ending

They also did the Human Pyramid ending, just to name a couple.

Human Pyramid

Since the title of the show was “Pop Go The Wiggles,” they did a lot with nursery rhymes.  Along with Little Miss Muffet, they did Humpty Dumpty.  It was pretty humorous watching Jeff dressed as a giant egg trying to climb up on top of the Jack-in-the-Box and then fall off.

Humpty Dumpty

They also dressed up like the Beatles when they performed a song called “Shimmy Shake.”

One of Bug’s favorite songs is “Fruit Salad.”  It was pretty funny watching them play with the inflatable fruit.  Jeff and Captain Feathersword were playing baseball with the banana and the apple.

Fruit Salad

Going along with the nursery rhyme theme, they sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by turning down the lights and spinning a disco ball.  It was pretty.  It’s also still Bug’s favorite lullaby.  Oh, and speaking of lullaby’s I was searching for the name of one of the songs they played today and I found they sing one called Lavender Blue.  This is one of the songs that I used to sing to Bug when he was a baby.  *sigh*  He’s not a little baby anymore.

Twinkle Twinkle

I thought Sam, Murray, Jeff, Anthony, Captain Feathersword, Wags, Dorothy, Henry and all the Wiggly Dancers did a wonderful job.  I’m thankful that this time, although we had nose bleed seats in our section, that I didn’t get thrown up on like last time and that I brought my good camera and got some much more decent pictures than last year.

When we got home, Bug was unbearable.  He was super crank.  I think the time change must have thrown him for a loop, despite the fact that he still woke up at his normal time. and on top of that there was all the lights and sounds from the concert.  He was just  pitching fit after fit so Mean old Mommy made him have some quiet time in his bed (I told him to tell his bunny rabbit, Bunny-doh, all about the concert.  He was asleep shortly after me leaving the room.  I’m thankful that he went to bed easy at his new time.

I doubt that we’ll end up seeing another Wiggles concert because Bug is losing interest in their music.  I can guarentee that if the Imagination Movers come to town, we’ll be right there to see them, even if we have to pay for tickets!  lol


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