Candy Overload

Ugg!  I don’t think I should have eaten that last piece of candy…My stomach now has that “you shouldn’t have put that last bite of chocolate and caramel in your mouth you stupid fool” feeling.  Icky!  But, I have to say, Bug was being nice and sharing some of his stash with mommy.  He’s a good kid.

Nothing much going on to day.  It’s Monday, which means it’s craft night.  I’ll go over to my friends house to have dinner, which Leana is cooking, and work on Darling Hubby’s sweater some.  I haven’t picked it up since sometime last week.  I really need to get it done.  I think if I keep putting it off it’s going to haunt me if I never finish it.  I still need to work on my dad’s deer stalker hat to go with his mittens and scarf, but for some reason I’m stuck and can’t get past this one point.  My goal is to figure it out before Christmas!

Oh, today is my dad’s birthday.  He turns the big 70.  It’s funny, he’s actually been with my mom for the last 50 of those 70 years.  They will have been married 50 years on December 24th.  I just got off the phone with him.  They went shopping today and he got a big golf umbrella and 20 pairs of socks!  Such great gifts!  He’s planning to have pork chops for dinner and a chocolate turtle cake for dessert.  I’m jealous I’m not there!  He did enjoy the card we sent down.  It’s one of those new noisy cards.  It was a fire fighter getting ready and when you open it up there was a big cake (like the size of a house) with lots and lots of candles inside and it made a very loud fire engine siren.  It was cute.  Bug helped me pick it out.  Grandpa liked it…they just had to paperclip it closed since it had a tendancy to slide open when it was propped up on the mantle for all to see.  It was probably the ghosts doing it.

I’m off to get ready for some crocheting.  Better make sure I have all my hooks and yarn.  Hopefully I’ll have a good report on Darling Hubby’s sweater tomorrow.  Yeah!  More NaBloPoMo!


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