All Tidy and Well

Today was an ok day.  Darling Hubby was pretty much fine after his dental surgery yesterday.  We did end up going to fill his prescription for pain meds and stopping at the grocery store to pick up some cottage cheese and apple sauce.  He ate his soup and slept well and was well enough to go to work this morning, despite the fact his head cold is rearing it’s nasty head.

I have the same cold and was not a happy camper this morning when Darling Hubby got up for work, went downstairs and turned on the TV (rather loudly) to see who won the election (can we stop hearing about politics for a while…I’m seriously getting sick of it and have been since the politicians started 2 years ago…) and in the process woke Bug up who wanted to come downstairs.  Thankfully, Bug agreed to curl back up in bed with me and watch some cartoons after daddy went to work so I could catch a little bit more sleep (I was awake for an hour or so in the middle of the night cause Bug woke up crying about his leg hurting (growing pains)) and hope that my sore throat would go away.  It didn’t, but when we got up I had some tea and that seemed to help.

Darling Hubby has been asking me for days to get out in the front yard and clean up all the dead and dying plants.  I finally did today since it was in the 60’s.  Bug was so happy to get out of the house and do some running around.  He likes to be my little helper, but he’s not all that helpful.  He’d rather play with the rake or the weed whacker…all when I’m trying to use them.  I managed to get everything all neat and tidy and bagged up 2 bags of leaves and debris.  [rant]  I did find out that some uncouth dog walker has been utilizing the bags of leaves on the curb, that are waiting to be picked up by DGS, as a dumping point for their bagged doggy debris.  Mind you, the city wants ONLY leaf litter and branches…no plastic or trash…so I was not a happy camper when I found 2, yes 2, bags containing dog doody tucked inside one of the leaf filled paper bags.  Have some respect people!  Don’t compromise my good deed of recycling leaves by sticking your plastic bag of dog refuse, that you should be taking with you, inside.  Seriously!  You chose to have the dog, you pick up after it and take it with you!  So help me if I see you do it!…I’ll be making sure to call that number on the sign out front about curbing your dog![/rant]

My NaBloPoMo thing is going well.  I’m on day 5!  I signed up on the NaBloPoMo website and found several cool groups to enter, from a Ravelry group to a moms group.  I did stumble on someone’s blog from the moms group who is having a giveaway for the month.  Today’s giveaway is a market tote.  I put in for it.  I think it would be nice for carrying my crochet and knitting stuff back and forth for craft night.  Fingers crossed I win!  lol

I’m off to watch the reveal from the Ghost Hunters Live out of Fort Delaware from Halloween!  I’m so excited!


2 thoughts on “All Tidy and Well

  1. Brian does the yardwork in our house. I’m gardening impaired, and he worked at a nursery during summers when he was in school. I can relate to the doggy do, though… We live along a public path to a park, and lots of dog owners “miss” picking up after their pets… *grrr*

    And I think i might just have to check out your friend’s blog… Free stuff is good!

  2. I’m glad DH is doing OK after his surgery! I don’t think I could blog every day for a month, so am not even trying, lol! Great work though!

    PS love how Corey and Karen’s monsters are the same here as on my blog!! That’s so cool!

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