Ghost Hunters Live at Fort Delaware

So last night was the reveal show for the Ghost Hunters Live show taped Halloween night at Fort Delaware.  I’m a huge Ghost Hunters fan and I religiously watch each new episode on Wednesday nights.  I was glued to my TV for most of the night on Halloween watching the live show.  I had my remote in hand to pause and rewind live TV (I love digital cable!) in case something cool was found.

While watching, two cool things happened that were caught on tape.  The first was when Grant, and the whole viewing audience, heard a disembodied voice say “You are not supposed to be here” not once, but twice!  Creepy.  Then, when Grant was trying to rewind the digital recorder, the batteries died.  Weird.

Here’s a video of that voice:

The next big thing that happened was Grant had his collar of his coat pulled…not once…not twice, but 3 times!  It was super obvious and the last time they caught it with the thermal imaging camera.  There was even a heat change.

Here’s video of the collar pull:

I watched the reveal show last night and these were really the only things they caught that night.  I thought it was all very cool.  I’m a believer in the paranormal (see my post on the Ghost Dog) and when I see things like this, I like to be on the believer bandwagon.

Then, I saw this:

It made my heart sink, to think that these guys could have faked the evidence.

It is possible that there was outside sound contamination from the security guards, staff or something telling someone they weren’t supposed to be there.  I believe that this could happen.  I did notice there were quite a few people around aside from the investigators, camera men and sound guys, so it’s possible there were sounds that weren’t what they could have been.  There was the sound guy who supposedly came in to fix an audio problem in the kitchen when the feed was live.  That just goes to show how many outside people were around and in the building during the night.

But the coat thing at the end, when Jay pats Grant on the back and the fact that Grant never takes his right hand from his pocket where his thumb was tucked leave me dumbfounded…If it were me getting my coat pulled on like that I’m sure I’d be waving both arms around my head trying to feel for something,  but that’s just me.  It really makes me scratch my head and wonder if they were faking things that night…it makes me wonder how much other evidence could have been faked over the past 4 seasons.  It makes me wonder if they were faking evidence, whose idea was it?  Would Grant and Jay stoop to that level to keep the show on the air or do the producers want that?  Are people just reading way to much into things?  Are those people such non believers they need to prove things aren’t real?

On last nights episode, they also had another investigation in a house where the woman was afraid to even sleep.  There were 2 major pieces of evidence from that investigation.  The first was a bathroom door shutting violently on the camera man who was focused on Grant and the other was a coat hanger flying off a coat rack between Jay and Grant who were sitting on separate couches at opposite ends of the room with the camera man to the left of the rack, focused on Jay.

Having viewed the third video, it put that little seed of doubt in my mind that everything was faked, and I started to see where and how it could be.  I noticed that you don’t see Jay when the door shut on the camera guy.  The room he was in was off to the right, behind the door and out of view.  With the coat hanger, the camera was focused on Jay and not on the coat hanger itself.  Was there someone else in the room who could have tossed the coat hanger across the room making it look paranormal?  Could there have been someone behind the door when it closed on the camera man?  Could it have been Jay or another crew member?  You can’t see who could have been behind the door. There could have been someone in both places.  Do I believe that?  I’m trying not to.

I really don’t want to believe that they’ve been faking the evidence.  I love watching the show and I love Jay and Grant and the rest of the TAPS team.  I don’t want anything to have been faked to get ratings.  I don’t want all the people they’ve helped to have been faked.  I’ll continue to watch the show, but I think that seed of doubt will be looming for a long time.  I’m going to beleive that if things have been faked, it wasn’t Grant or Jason’s idea, but the idea of the people at Scifi so they can get ratings.

I’m sure this has been suggested before, but I wish that the TAPS team would invest in something like head cameras so we could see what they were seeing, especially when the camera is focused on them and away from where the action is taking place.  I think it would help prove that they are not faking things and would give me peace of mind that what I believe in actually does exist.

I don’t think Jay or Grant will ever read this, but I still beleive they are truthful in their investigations and findings.  I just wish the filming of the show was a little different to prove to those who don’t believe that there really is paranormal stuff out there…Debunk all the bunk that’s out there.  Like I said before, I’m still going to watch the show.  I’m a loyal viewer and until something besides speculation about faking evidence comes to light, which I don’t see happening, I’ll continue my Wednesday night routine.  I don’t beleive that Grant and Jay and the rest of the TAPS team would stoop to such a low as to fake evidence.  This is just my 2 cents.


One thought on “Ghost Hunters Live at Fort Delaware

  1. Hi Sara,
    I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve found yourself doubting in something (and some folks..) you’d like to believe in. It’s a sad place to be. I hope you’ve found a website called skeptical viewer dot com. I stumbled onto the website after having my doubts raised by the Halloween episode. If you haven’t already, I think you will enjoy finding folks who are interested in finding out as much truth about this topic as is possible. There’s an ongoing, intelligent exchange of ideas and thoughts there about Ghost Hunters and GHI and many other shows that deal with the paranormal. The folks there are mostly GH fans and former fans who like to analyze the show with an eye towards open minded skepticism. I hope you enjoy it and I hope that somehow, some way, the folks at Taps see this and start addressing some of the good points you make here!

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