More Crochet

Today Darling Hubby and I dicussed Christmas presents for our family.  We decided that I will make several different crafty items for everyone, in addition to some candy or cookie item.  I’ve already have several done and several on the needles.  One project, that I’m free to talk about here since the person doesn’t read this blog, is an afghan for Darling Hubby’s Grandfather.  I found a pattern on the Lion Brand website that calls for 3 strands of yarn to be crocheted together with a Q hook in a V stitch pattern, called the 5 and a half hour afghan.  I picked out 3 yarns (dark and light blue and a tan) and began the afghan tonight.  Since it should only take 5.5 hours and with it being chunky it should be a quick project that I can get done in no time flat.  So far, I’m pretty happy with the beginning result.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get it done and take some pics of it in the next couple days.  That’s it for now!  I’ll post more about it tomorrow probably.  Darling Hubby and I have a date after Bug goes to bed to watch Hot Shots.  Fun!


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