A Busy Day Filled with Happiness

So today was a busy day in my house.  I’ve decided that it takes someone coming into my house for me to get it really clean.  Today the little girl I used to babysit for came over for a few hours this afternoon.  My house is pretty clean ordinarily, but I vacuumed all the downstairs rugs and Bug’s upstairs as well as swept up all the major dust bunnies that were hiding out in the corners, in the hallway and on the stairs.  My pets shed way too much.  It was good that I did because I found out Baby Girl has dust aggravated asthma.  It did feel good to get those dust bunnies from the stairs.  I was beginning to think they were going to mutate and eat one of my dogs in the night.

Anyway, Baby Girl arrived around lunch and we all dined on PB&J and raisins and then played for an hour in Bug’s room with his trains and various other toys until it was time for Baby Girl to nap.  I was surprised at how easily she went down for her nap.  When she was younger it used to be a battle.  This time she just laid down on Bug’s bed with her own blankie and pillow and was out like a light for a little over an hour.  Thankfully, Bug was good about being quiet downstairs while she slept.  It was really cute that he was listening over the baby monitor to make sure she was going to sleep.

Bug and Baby Girl had a grand time playing with each other and I have to say that Baby Girl has changed so much in the 9 months since I stopped watching her.  She speaks so well and so clearly.  She ate her lunch without a fight and for the first time EVER, let me wipe down her face.  She also had her hair up in a pony tail which if you knew this girl a few months ago, she didn’t even let you touch her hair or her face!  lol  She’s really growing up.

I did manage to get a little bit of knitting done today between cleaning and waiting for Baby Girl to arrive.  I did however notice that I made an error in my knitted scarf a few rows back that I’m going to have to go back and figure out how to fix.  I’m not sure I’m good at fixing mistakes though, so I’m a little scared.  lol  I also played around with the circular needles that my friend Rose (Happy Birthday today!) let me borrow.  I’m trying to figure out how to knit in the round as I wanted to make a scarf with no wrong side, but the needles I have are too long to do what I want to do.  It sucks because I’ve been trying to find a pair of 12-16 inch circulars and all anyone ever has is 29 or 40 inch.  I may have to try Trumpet Hill to see if she has anything….

Oh, when Darling Hubby got home, he had something for me to listen to on the computer.  It turns out one of his high school friends, Joe, was awarded the bronze star for his services in Afghanistan for a May 25-26th, 2008 assault when their unit was ambushed by Taliban forces and they entered a 3 hour fire fight where no American lives were lost.  Here is the on air interview of 1st Sgt James Meltz (Cropseyville, Rensselaer County) and Capt. Joseph Merrill (Binghamton, Broome County), as well as the written article.  I’m sending a big Thank You out to James and Joe and all other service men for what they do!


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