One of Those Days

Today is one of those days where I swear nothing is going to go right, even though things seem to be ok.  I woke up in a grumpy mood…which happens more often than not.  I had a weird dream that I was with my mom and Bug at a park that apparently had been built around the reservoir in my home town and there was Dominic Monaghan.  I asked my mom if that was Charlie (from Lost) and she repeats it very loudly so he hears and he just rolls his eyes and looks annoyed.  Just before I woke up…I was somehow wearing his pants.  Odd…

Then later I get a call from Darling Hubby about his dental work that needs to be done and this and that.  I end up in search of some paperwork from his most recent wisdom teeth extraction and I CAN NOT find it.  I’ve turned the house upside down looking for it.  I’ve sorted through all the papers on the desk and that were piled up in the kitchen and those papers are nowhere to be found.  It annoys me since I told Darling Hubby not to toss them.  At least the desk in the office and a section of the kitchen counter are cleaned off and a bunch of stuff filed away.

I also managed to get a pot roast, potatoes and carrots in the crock pot for dinner tonight and cut up/de-boned a pork roast and packed that up to freeze, on top of doing laundry, hanging it up to dry, folding and putting away the dried stuff, making beds and general straightening…And Darling Hubby says I don’t do anything productive…  I guess he just doesn’t notice when his clothes are folded and in his drawers, his food is on the table, the rugs vacuumed or the floors swept and mopped.  Just the little things.  All that’s left now is that I just need to do all the dishes that have piled up on the counter in the kitchen from the past few nights and things will be presentable for company tomorrow.

Bug is on an “I want everthing” jag and it’s starting to drive me nuts!  Since the Toys R Us Big Toy Book and the Walmart Toy Book arrived, he’s been pointing out things left and right saying he wants it.  I’ve explained to him that we have to ask Santa for things and Santa will pick a few toys to bring him, but he won’t get everything on his list.  If he did, my house would be filled with Transformers, Nerf guns, all sorts of Lego airplains and boats, robots, remote control cars, a little Tykes play house…just to name a few of the highlighted things on his list.  Just today I over heard him say, “Santa”ll give me that!”  Great!  Marketing has created a monster!  I just hope he loves the presents that Santa already has stored away for him!  Until then…I may have to hide those toy books!

I’m off to finish watching my soaps, playing with Bug and working a bit on my knitted scarf, which I frogged last night because of the dropped stitch that I just couldn’t fix…plus, it was too wide for my taste.  Hopefully it will take less time to get back to where I was since I’m 10 stitches smaller.


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