Game Night, Woot!

It’s Thursday, which means it’s game night.  It’s our final session with Karl running…and possibly our characters demise.  After that, Darling Hubby will take over running.  It should be interesting.  In a way I’m hoping that my current character dies so I can create a new one for the new game…although I do have the option of just creating a new character.  I’m happy with my rogue.  It’s different from the Ranger I always played in the other games, but I should probably expand my roleplaying repertoire.  Enough about roleplaying…

This morning I had a surprise for Bug.  Darling Hubby and I were talking about Matchbox cars and how Bug would probably love some track for them for Christmas.  I remembered that I had a racecar set with slot cars upstairs in the attic that my brother got for me when I was little.  I went and dug it out and set it up to check that it still worked.  It did and Darling Hubby and I had fun racing the little green and red cars around the track.  When Bug got up this morning and came downstairs he saw the track and exclaimed, “What is this?  Is that for me?  Santa brought it for me!”  It was cute to see his excitement.  It was a glimpse of how Christmas morning is going to be.  I did have to explain to him that it wasn’t a present from Santa, that Mommy gave it to him.  I see that I have to break out some Christmas books that explain how this Christmas thing works.

Speaking of Christmas, I’ve been working the knitted scarf for my mom.  After frogging it the other day it’s been coming along nicely.  I’m very happy with the new size and it’s knitting up pretty quickly.  I’ve already got 14″ out of 60″  I’m almost back to where I was when I frogged it.  Hopefully this time I don’t make anymore mistakes and I can finish it up and start on something else…someone else’s present, but there is a chance that said person may read my blog so I won’t mention here.  I still have to finish Grandpa’s Blanket.  I just lost gumption on it when I had a massive yarn issue.  That’s pretty well resolved, thanks to Rose…I just need to pick it back up and finish it.  I just have so many projects going at once it seems like it’s hard for me to focus on one at a time.  I keep jumping back and forth.

Off to shower and get ready for game night.  I also promised Bug that I’d play some more with the race track.  At least I was slightly productive, today.  I did get the kitchen and living room floors mopped.


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