Less Than Stellar Performance

That would sum up my performance at game night last night , as well as what I’ve done today. lol  I couldn’t roll my dice last night for crap.  I kept rolling 2’s on twenty-siders.  Blah!  And yes, my character died…but I managed to hold out until the very end of the last big battle.  I’m not sad about it, but I’m a bit annoyed.  It just seemed like every time I’d catch a break something else would get in my way and I couldn’t pull off what I wanted to do.  Stupid 4E dumbed down version of DnD.  Oh well.  Now I get to make a new character and try something new.  Hopefully Darling Hubby won’t kill me straight out of the gate…but at the same time I don’t want him to be super lenient with me since he has to live with me instead of the rest of the group.

Today I haven’t been productive at all.  I guess what’s kept me from being productive today was the fact that Bug didn’t go to bed until nearly midnight last night because one of our group members had to bring his 2 year old with him and him and Bug played all night.  There was too much activity for either to go to bed without a fight.  Bug ended up sleeping until 9:30 this morning, which allowed me to sleep in, too.  I think that threw off my time frame and I’ve pretty much been curled up on the couch trying, fruitlessly, to make a present for my mom.  A friend of mine showed me an offer sponsored by Oprah for a free 20 page photo book through Snapfish.  I got the coupon for the book, but the program isn’t functioning for me and I can’t get started.  I did upload several pictures that I want to use and possibly just print out for scrapbooking later…so I did get something done…I just worry that I’m not going to be able to get the photo book done by the deadline on Sunday because everyone else is trying to squeeze in under the wire, too and the whole thing will have been a waste of time.  Fingers crossed it works sooner rather than later.  My mom told me not to get her anything that all she really wants is pictures, so this would be perfect for just the $7 cost of shipping.

I better go thaw my pork chops in the microwave so I can at least get dinner started.  I also have to get Bug’s laundry out of the dryer.  Gasp!  I was bad and used the dryer because I changed Bug’s sheets.  Oh well…it’s not like I do it all the time.


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