Minotaurs and Axes

Today was a pretty relaxing day in our house.  We did cut up the bigger of the 2 pumpkins that my parents gave us a few months ago.  I made pumpkin puree so I can make a couple pies and some pumpkin cream cheese muffins.  The girls on my baby board have been raving about these muffins and I’ve been waiting until I could puree one of the pumpkins…and I have cream cheese in the house!  Maybe that will be tomorrow.

Darling Hubby has also been helping me create my new character for our Thursday night game.  I’ve decided to go with a Minotaur Barbarian.  We even went out insearch of the perfect mini…but it turns out, the perfect mini was way off scale…sigh.  Plus, it was $40…I chose another one that seemed ok, but when we put it together I’m just not that satisfied with it.  It’s big, which is what I wanted, but the horns aren’t right, even though we modified them.  Plus, it has a pot belly!  We spent $20 on it so I’m going to paint it and use it.  I’m hoping that I’ll learn to like it once it’s painted.  :fingers crossed:  I found an alternate one that I like better from the same set, but don’t really want to shell out more money on minis.

At any rate, we’ve been working on figuring out my character and I think I’m going to have a lot of fun playing a big hulking ugly minotaur who runs right into the middle of the fray wielding a giant execution axe.  Look out bad guys!  Here I come!  lol


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