Snow, Pictures & Knitting

It snowed today.  Bug was excited and spent much of the 15 minutes it flurried standing on his stool in the bathroom looking out of the window.  He asked me several times if he could go sledding.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough snow for sledding.  It barely stuck to anything.  It won’t be the last time it snows, I’m sure…the joys of living in the Northeast.  It is very cold today.  Right now it’s somewhere around 25 degrees right now and we’ve got a nice warm fire going.  The cat must be cold as she’s curled up on the arm of the chair right in front of the fireplace.

I worked on edited a bunch of pictures today and got my photo book ordered.  I got super excited as I got a free shipping code for snapfish that was for today only and I thought I could use it with the free photo book.  Unfortunately the code couldn’t be used in conjunction with the free book.  It only ended up costing $7.55 so it wasn’t bad.  And I’m sure my mom will like it.  She did say all she wanted for Christmas was pictures.

I didn’t get to finish my scarf like I wanted to last night.  I got a late start on it and made it to 50 inches before coming home and got a couple inches farther when I got home.  I’m going to work on it for a little bit longer tonight while watching Dirty Jobs and maybe have another one of those pumpkin cream cheese muffins.  They are just yummy!  😀


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