One Project Down, More Projects Started

So I managed to finish the red knit scarf for my mom.  Yeah!  I decided to only make it 55 inches rather than 60 because I figured my mom wouldn’t care if it was longer.  I think it’s about the right length anyway.  Plus, I wanted to see if I had enough yarn left over to make a matching crochet hat…alas, I didn’t.  Darling Hubby will be picking some up for me on his way home since he drives right by the Wal-mart and we need dog food, anyway.

I decided I’ll just knit the same style scarf for the cream colored one using straight size 8’s rather than try to use a circular needle in the round, which I don’t think would pan out.  It will be quicker and I’m on a time crunch with Christmas coming round the bend.

  • Red Knit scarf Finished 11/19/08
  • Cream Knit scarf (started tonight)
  • Crocheted hat – red (Started 11/19/08 – ran out of yarn)
  • Crocheted hat  – cream
  • Grandpa’s Blanket (mostly done – few more rows and fringe)
  • Convertible Flap Mittens (not started, but these won’t take long)
  • Deer Stalker Hat for my Dad (this is mostly done, but I hit a snag point and I’m having trouble moving on.
  • Darling Hubby’s sweater (I don’t necessarily have to finish this, but it would be nice)

Off to cast on the cream knit scarf and watch Ghost Hunters.


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