Slightly Productive

I managed to get a pretty good chunk done on the cream colored scarf and I got a little more on the red hat done today.  I had to wait until Darling Hubby picked up my yarn for me before I could finish the hat.  Thankfully he’s so good to me.  He had to drive to 2 places to find the colors I needed.  Thankfully it was too far out of his way.  I’ll probably finish working up the hat tonight while watching Smallville and Supernatural with Darling Hubby.  I mostly watch Supernatural…Love me some Sam and Dean!

Aside from that, things have been pretty good.  Bug actually went poop on the potty all by himself yesterday.  He said he had to go pee and I know he doesn’t really need my help, unless he’s wearing pants with buttons, which he wasn’t.  I told him to go and continued what I was doing.  Several minutes later (I know…bad mommy…I was enjoying the silence) I realized he still had’t come out of the bathroom (he’d closed the door).  Upon going in to check, he was sitting on his little potty seat ring on the toilet and he’d finished pooping.  I was very proud of him and know that he can now do it all by himself if he has too.  The toilet paper thing is another issue we’ll work on some other time.

Off to put Bug to bed…


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