Food For Friday (Saturday ed.) 11/24 -11/30 & 12/1-12/7

I had such a hard time with the pipe issue yesterday that I put off menu planning til last night and this morning.  I’m having trouble coming up with enough menu items this time around.  Regularly schedule events are getting moved around to accommodate everyone and add to the mix that I’ve decided to start adding in food for Saturday and Sunday, too, it seems to make this week’s menu planning a daunting task.  I’m hoping to still keep the budget low (although this weeks menu seems to be adding up quickly, but we shall see) and stop the whole, “what are we going to have for dinner” weekends.  It’s not like we are hard up for food.  We’ve got enough stored away in the basement freezer and pantry that we aren’t going to starve, but I’d rather not have to wait until dinner time to decide what we are going to make…

Monday – BBQ Pork Sandwiches
Tuesday – Meatball subs
Wednesday – Homemade chicken fingers and fries
Thursday – Thanksgiving with the families
Friday – Pizza – cause I’m sick of turkey  (lol)
Saturday – Turkey Burgers and fries
Sunday -Banquet Chicken

Monday – Craft Night -My turn – Chicken Caesar Wraps
Tuesday – Our own Thanksgiving dinner – Brined Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, veggies and cranberry sauce
Wednesday – Turkey Pot Pie
Thursday – Turkey soup
Friday – French Toast with bacon
Saturday -Pork Roast
Sunday – TBD later


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