Bug’s First Trip to the Dentist

So today Darling Hubby had a scheduled visit to the dentist for some fillings and I thought it was about time that we got Bug in for his first check up.  Our pediatrician told us we could get him in at any time after he turned 3 and I decided to wait until he was closer to 4 so he might be more able to understand what was going on so it wasn’t so scary.  I’m terrified of the dentist and I don’t want him to be scared.

While Darling Hubby was off in the chair getting a mouth full of novacaine, Bug and I played in the waiting room for his turn to try the big chair.  He enjoyed playing with the blocks, stacking them up and pretending his was making ice cream.  Unfortunately, the dentist office’s fish tank had sprung a leak overnight and the play area’s carpet was soaked with water so he didn’t get to play in the actual play area, but he still had fun.

Yes, I brought my camera – this was a momentous occasion!
And I’m not sure why this picture has such terrible quality…

Playing in the waiting room

Or hygienist, Lorraine was great.  She was very calm with Bug, who, at first, was a little on the leery side.  He climbed up in the big chair, but didn’t want to sit there for long.  When Lorraine went to see the dentist, who was actually working on Darling Hubby, I got Bug to sit in the chair and I told him about the light she would shine in his mouth so he could say “ah” and about Mr. Tickles. When Lorraine came back she showed him the mask she wears, her goggles (which Bug got a kick out of calling them Wobble Goggles like Mover Scott on Imagination Movers) and her gloves.

She asked him how many teeth he thought he had and he counted to ten on his fingers.


He actually has 20 teeth.

Next she brought out Mr. Thirsty and she showed him how he sucked up water out of a cup.  Bug thought it was funny.  She let him be in control of Mr. Thirsty and he held on tightly to him.  She also gave him a mirror so he could see what she was doing inside his mouth.

Mr. Tickles

She then showed him Mr. Tickles and the bubble gum toothpaste. He laughed when she tickled his fingers with it and I was really surprised when he allowed her to actually brush his teeth with it.

Mr. Tickles Up Close

He was still holding on the the mirror and it was funny trying to watch him look into the mirror while he had his head back with the tooth brush in his mouth.

Trying to see in the mirror

Here he is showing off his nice sparkling chompers.

Sparkly Pearly Whites

We waited for a little while until the dentist came in to take a peek in his mouth.  He was working on Darling Hubby at the time and took a quick break to come check out Bug.  I think Bug was a little intimidated by the dentist because he didn’t really say much to him and kinda snuck up on him.  I’m not sure he knows how to deal with kids or he just didn’t know it was his first time there.  At any rate, Bug got a clean bill of dental health.  He also got a goody bag.  A brand new orange toothbrush (he wanted one to match his shirt), a little play watch (which he wore all day – like daddy), some little plastic farm animals and his own little bunny face mask.

He said he had a fun time, which is good.  I don’t want him to be scared.  Plus, I’m sure he’ll tell Grandma and Grandpa all about his experience at the dentist on Thanksgiving.  He’s been looking forward to his visit, both with the dentist and Grandma and Grandpa, for days now.

I’m proud of him that he did so well.  Hopefully he’ll do as well in May when he goes back for his 6 month check up.


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