Today was going to be a lazy day for us, but ended up being a pretty productive day.  After getting laundry started and Bug some breakfast, I went on a mad search for one of the knitting needles I’ve been using for the cream colored scarf…It was no where to be found in my house and I haven’t taken them anywhere (I opted not to deal with them in the car yesterday).  We ended up moving the couch to look behind it without any luck.  Turns out my couch has an appetite for knitting needles.  (Don’t worry Leana, your knitting needle is fine!)  Looking for the needle I found several potato chips (ick!) and a big need to vacuum under the couch cushions.

Since we’d pulled the couch out from in front of the radiator we decided to rearrange the furniture and clean the radiator…it was covered in dust and Bug has lost several little bits to some of his toys back there.  We had decided a couple weeks ago where to set up the Christmas tree, but we weren’t going to set it up today.  Since we moved everything and made space, we ended up setting it up anyway.  We decorated it after dinner (pizza!) and Bug had a grand time.

We also went through a couple trunks that I had stuff stored in and combined some of the stuff into one, tossed some stuff in the trash or decided to put it into the pile for the garage sale we plan to have in May next year.  The bigger one we filled with the various blankets that we had been storing on the radiator behind the couch.  Since the couch isn’t there anymore it was sorta a bad place to keep them.

I do have a bunch of pictures from yesterday, but haven’t had time to edit them between rearranging furniture, decorating for Christmas and various other things I’ve had to do today.  Bug did have a grand time playing with his cousins and he really enjoyed playing in the snow at Grandma and Grandpa’s.  He didn’t want to come in, even though he was obviously cold.

Off to watch Real Genius with Darling Hubby and maybe get some more knitting done.  I’m almost done with it…then to make a hat…Only 20 something days left until Christmas.  Better get a move on.


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