Just Senseless

Ok, so I normally don’t write about news stories, but this one just has my blood boiling.  I’m sure many have already heard about the death of an employee at a Long Island Walmart on Black Friday.  This just has me appalled.  Are people really that selfish and materialistic, with the NEED to get that cheap tv or cheap toy, that they totally disregard the life of another human being?  Christmas isn’t about who gets the most presents and the most expensive items.  Now, I’m not a religious person but Christmas to me is about family, love, happiness and pretty decorations.  Yes, the presents are a nice bonus, but it’s not the whole reason for Christmas.  The thing is that you don’t need to give or even receive those expensive presents to be happy and show you love someone.

The man who was killed was only 34 years old.  He had a family and friends.  He had a job and a life and it was snuffed out because people were greedy and didn’t have patience.  Darling Hubby always says that when you get a bunch of people together in a crowd you start seeing the herd mentality.  It really is true.  When you get a bunch of greedy people together all looking for the big score they turn into a herd of mooing cattle who, at the drop of a hat, will break into a stampede and run down anything and everything in their path, be it plants or people.  This particular herd of cattle people knocked down the glass and metal entrance doors…who could do that and then not feel bad about it?  Has the world really come to this?

And, to make things worse, no one stopped to help this man (other employees attempted to save him, though) and when the store announced it was closing PEOPLE KEPT SHOPPING and got angry!!  They were only thinking of themselves and not what just happened.  A man just died and you still want to get that big ticket item?  Are you really that selfish?  Does having the latest new techno gadget or toy really make you better then everyone else?  Does it make your life worth more than another persons?

Personally, I feel that someone should have shut the store down, not letting people leave, and pressed charges against Every. Single. Person. Inside.  I know that may sound harsh, but I know if it was my body being trampled on I would want someone to pay for the crime…why not the whole 2000 people who thought their purchasing cheap crap was worth more than a human being’s life?  What  that was their father, grandfather, uncle, brother, boyfriend, or husband?   I bet things would be different then.  The whole lot of them had not one single ounce of concern for another human life.  How could people walk over and step on another person and not know it and not care?  Seriously?  Are people that obsessed on Black Friday that they experience extreme tunnel vision and see nothing but that big score?  It’s like being on drugs.

I doubt that this will serve as a wake up call for people.  I know that it’s good to think of yourself first in many aspects of living, but when you are in a public place, especially around the holidays, put others first.  Do nice things for others.  Help them out, don’t push them out of the way or walk on them.  Be kind.  Don’t snag things out of other people’s hands or yell at them if they have something that you want.

You won’t see me setting foot out of the house the day after Thanksgiving.  To me Black Friday isnt’ a day when stores are profitable.   A dark day filled with crazy mooing herds of human fleshed cattle filled with a materialistic desire to have what they want without a concern of others who should be ashamed of thier behavior.  Sometimes I’m ashamed to be associated with these so called “human beings.”

Oh, and I hope those who commited this terrible atrocity will come forward and own up to it.  You owe it to that persons family.  It’s your fault a man is dead…all because you wanted a super bargain. You should be ashamed…


2 thoughts on “Just Senseless

  1. GREAT post Sara! seriously, it makes me ill. This incident is certainly a horrible symptom of how materialistic our culture has become. it is awful.

    ps. sorry I have been MIA. So many things I’m trying to get done this time of year.

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