Cool Beans

Getting up at 7:30 actually has it’s benefits.  Darling Hubby has been harping on me that I have a lot to get done before Christmas (meaning all the crochet/knit projects I’m undertaking) and it would be better if I got up in the morning and did something rather than lazing in bed with Bug until we feel like getting up.

Well, I took today as a new challenge and I got up when Bug called me to go potty.  I then showered, got him breakfast, got a load of laundry in, got myself some breakfast and finished Grandpa’s blanket. I’ll share pics later when I get them uploaded to flickr.  There are new pics in my ravelry projects section if you want to check them out.  I also started the brine for the turkey I’m cooking tomorrow and cooled it and inserted the turkey.  I’ve also cooked the chicken for our Caesar wraps for tonight’s craft night dinner and bagged everything to take with me.  I’m on a roll.  Although I still need to figure out how to take an artsy photo like Darling Hubby wants, fold and put away the laundry from this morning and get my crochet stuff together for tonight…but that won’t take long…or else it can wait.

To make today even better, I got an email from Eden at NaBloPoMo and it turns out that all my hard work of posting for 30 days wasn’t for naught.  I ended up winning prize number 10 on the prize list.  A set of 6 handmade Christmas Cards from Tracy.  I’m super excited and hope I get them before the holidays.  I’m glad I haven’t tackled my Christmas Card list yet.  I’d better get on that…I don’t have much time.

I know I didn’t have to post today, but I was so excited about being productive and winning the prize that I had to.  I’m actually proud of myself.  😀

Oh, and just so I have it here…this is what I have left to do for projects.

  • Red Knit scarf (Finished 11/19/08)
  • Cream Knit scarf (started 11/19, finished 11/28)
  • Crocheted hat – red (Started 11/19/08 – ran out of yarn – finished 11/20)
  • Crocheted hat  – cream (Started 11/29, finished 11/30)
  • Grandpa’s Blanket (finished 12/1 – omitted the fringe)
  • Convertible Flap Mittens (not started, but these won’t take long – starting these 12/1)
  • Deer Stalker Hat for my Dad (this is mostly done, but I hit a snag point and I’m having trouble moving on.  I may find an alternate hat pattern to work up quickly.
  • Darling Hubby’s sweater (I don’t necessarily have to finish this, but it would be nice)

Oh, and I’m thinking of adding in 2 more pairs of gloves (with fingers)…but we’ll see how things come together.

Off to gather my yarn and hooks and fold some laundry!


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