I Should Probably Live in a Bubble

There are days when I just wake up on the wrong side of the bed and you just should not mess with me.  Today was one of those days.  Darling Hubby just wanted to irritate me and he succeeded.  I just wanted to be left alone and on days when I’m in a bad mood Darling Hubby must enjoy goading me and pushing my buttons cause that’s all he does…all day long.  It’s days like these when I think I should probably live in a bubble so no one will pester me.

Despite my bad mood, I did manage to finish Bug’s mittens that I started yesterday.  I used the Yin and Yang Mitten pattern on Ravelry.  (You have to be logged in to see it.)  The patterns says to make one mitten one way (i.e. red mitten with white thumb and cuff) and then make a second the reverse (white mitten with red thumb and cuff)  Bug decided he wanted 2 mittens the same, so there you have it.  I made a string so they can go in his coat and not get lost when we are out and about.  He’ll be warm this winter.  Here’s a picture of them.

Bug's Mittens

I’ve also gotten everything on my Christmas Create list done!

  • Red Knit scarf (Finished 11/19/08)
  • Cream Knit scarf (started 11/19, finished 11/28)
  • Crocheted hat – red (Started 11/19/08 – ran out of yarn – finished 11/20)
  • Crocheted hat  – cream (Started 11/29, finished 11/30)
  • Grandpa’s Blanket (finished 12/1 – omitted the fringe)
  • Convertible Flap Mittens blue (started 12/1 – finished 12/4)
  • Convertible Flap Mittens brown
  • Peruvian Earflap Hat – blue
  • Peruvian Earflap Hat – brown
  • Blue Scarf – I crocheted this rather than knitting.  It took less time.
  • Brown scarf – I finished this a while ago, but added it to the list so I knew what I have.
  • Red Crocheted Mittens
  • Cream Crocheted Mittens
  • Darling Hubby’s sweater (I don’t necessarily have to finish this, but it would be nice)

The only thing I have left right now is Darling Hubby’s Gatsby sweater.  I’m just not in the mood to work on it since it seems to be taking FOREVER for me to get anywhere on it.  I just want a straight forward simple sweater pattern to work on first.  I think I might work on something else first before I pick up my hook and work on the sweater again.  Maybe a nice warm pair of slippers for me or maybe I’ll attempt to knit a hat or something a little more complex than a straight knit, knit, knit scarf…I’ll look around and see what I can find.  I do have some yarn stash that I should use up.

Oh, since I’m on the subject of handmade, I  posted a while ago that I won a prize for posting all 30 days in November.  Well, the prize I won was a set of 6 handmade Christmas cards.  They arrived last week from Tracy at Miller Manor Designs.  The cards, shown here, a beautiful, even more so when you hold them in your hands.  They are almost to beautiful to use, but I will.  I already had photo cards made up, printed and mailed, so I plan to attach the cards to the presents of 6 special people in my life.  If you are interested in checking out the other beautiful designs Tracy has, check out her Etsy shop, Miller Manor Designs.

Off to sate my desire to craft something else.


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