Ice Storm 2008 Photos

Parts of the Northeast was hit by a pretty nasty ice storm Thursday that brought down branches and powerlines and damaging many homes, cars and other property.  We were lucky here in the Sarandipity house.  We briefly lost power during the night and again around noon on Friday and other than a couple times of the lights dimming, we’ve kept our lights and most importantly, heat.

Some friends of mine, however, were not as fortunate and have only just regained their electricity.  Others are still without power and are staying with family while they weather the storm, so to speak.  According to the power company, they don’t expect those people to have power until Tuesday or Wednesday.  I don’t know what we’d do without power in the freezing cold.  We have hot water heat and I’m scared to even think what might happen if our house temperature dropped below freezing.  Thankfully we do have a wood stove that would help keep it somewhat bearable in here.

At least one tragedy has come from this storm with the death of a couple in their home after carbon monoxide fumes from an incorrectly ventilated generator filled their home.  My thoughts go out to their family.

Despite all the destruction this storm brought, it did bring with it lots of beauty.  Here are a few pics that Darling Hubby took Friday morning after he returned home early from work (after heading it at the regular time) because the power was out at the lab and they didn’t expect it on until late afternoon.

Ice on my bird feeder.

Ice covered bird feeder

Ice coated branches.  This tree has branches upon branches of tiny branches and was heavily coated with ice.  By early morning, at least half a dozen branches had fallen.  This is actually a picture of one that was caught in the tree after it broke.

Tiny ice coated branches

Tiny icicles on my clothesline

Ice on our clothesline

Ice coating the few remaining leaves on my rose bush in our front yard.

Ice on our rose bush

Icicles hanging from the trellis over our front walkway.

Icicles on our trellis

Icicles hanging from the wooden fence in our front yard.

Icicles on our fence

These last three are the view of the moon through ice covered branches.

View of the moon through ice covered branches

View of the moon through ice covered branches 2

View of the moon through ice covered branches 3

I hope that things can go back to normal as soon as possible for every affected by this storm.  I know for some it will be hard, there will still be damage after the power comes back on, but eventually things will be back to normal.


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