Numb and Numb-er

So I woke up this morning after still not getting a decent nights sleep (even after the Ni-quil) and was still stuffy and coughing slightly….great!  Bug also woke me at 7 telling me he couldn’t smell anything.  He’s caught my lovely cold.

I had my dentist appointment this morning and it wasn’t all that bad, really.  I was scheduled for both a cleaning and to have my broken tooth and 3 other cavities repaired.  I ended up having the fillings done first and the cleaning done after because we rescheduled to an earlier day and the times were switched.  Let me tell ya,  I think all dental work should be done after being numbed up!

Dentistry has come a long way from the last time I sat in the dentist chair (over 10 year ago).  I wasn’t expecting the dental dam thing.  While it was slightly uncomfortable to be put in (who wants to have a piece of rubber shoved in their mouth and wedged between their teeth) it was nice not to have all the stuff dropping down on my tongue and down my throat and I wasn’t worried about my tongue getting in the way of things.  I ended up needing an extra couple shots of Novocaine because after Dr. Liang started drilling, I was still feeling some things.  Better to be overly numb than not numb enough.  Lauren, his assistant, agreed with me 100%.  I do have to say that I could probably have fallen asleep, I was that numb and relaxed.  I didn’t enjoy the drilling at all, though.  The one drill just rattled me.  I could feel it in my brain!  lol

Everything went well and Dr. Liang managed to pull off filling the broken tooth’s cavity rather than giving me a root canal.  I’m still coming out of the numbness, but so far I have no tooth pain, so I’m thinking I’m in the clear.  I do have a little pain in the left side of my jaw and it feels stiff when I open wide.  I think part of  it’s where the novacaine was placed and the other part was keeping my mouth open for over an hour.

The cleaning was easy peasy after getting 4 fillings done (plus the numbness was a bonus).  I did have a lot of tartar behind my front bottom teeth (this has always been a trouble area for me) and it actually feels weird not having the build up there anymore.  lol   If that was the worst part of it, then I did a decent job over the past 10 years.  I’ve made a pact with myself to floss more often to prevent those between the teeth cavities that will be repaired in a couple weeks (daily before going to bed) and I’ll go to all my scheduled cleanings (Bug and Darling Hubby, too).

On the 24th, I’ll go in for another set of fillings to be done.  This time both the top quadrants (6 fillings done at once) leaving just one final set (3 or 4 fillings) for the bottom right quad that I can wait to have done when Bug goes back in for his cleaning in May or when I go back in 6 months for my next cleaning.

Overall, I had a good experience.  I can honestly say that.  I was pretty scared going in, but the staff really calmed me.  (Lauren and I swapped C-section stories while waiting for the Novocaine to kick in the 2nd time.)  I can only hope that the next batch of work will go as smoothly.  Right now I’m pretty much back to normal in terms of numbness.  Things feel a little weird because the tooth height for one side of my mouth has been changed ever so slightly.  I’m sure I’ll get used to it…I kinda have to.  I’m kinda hungry, so I’d best find something to nibble on before craft night tonight.  I’m making BLT’s for dinner tonight.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to open wide to shove in a sandwich!  I am also feeling really tired so I might try to catch a couple winks in a little while.  I think Novocaine drains me…


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