Do Phone Books Breed?

I swear that every time I set foot outside my house, there is a new 2009-2010 phone book swaddled in a plastic bag sitting on my front steps.  It’s only February, but so far this year, I’ve come across 3 outside my door.  Where do they keep coming from?  Are they doing the phone book tango and creating little baby phone books on my steps?  Yeah, I didn’t think so…Honestly, do the phone book companies think that I really need a phone book for each person/pet in my house?  Really?  It’s a total waste of paper…think of all the trees that have been cut down…I can only hope that most of the books are made on recycled paper.  I wonder just how many more phone books will make their way to my door only to be placed in the recycle bin completely unused.  It’s a shame, really.

Anyway, what I really wanted to write about is my most recent crochet projects…not pesky, reproducing phone books.  I haven’t mentioned crochet projects since Christmas.  Recently, I’ve been working on a few things for myself and Bug.  Shortly after Christmas, I was entertaining Bug in the car while Darling Hubby ran into the game store to pick up some comics.  I made my hand into a “dinosaur” which I quickly named Jimmy.  Bug and Jimmy had a great conversation and quickly became great friends.  He wanted to talk to Jimmy often after that and when I stumbled over a dinosaur crochet pattern in my stash, he was overjoyed and I knew I had to make him his very own Jimmy…and so I could have my hand back!  lol

Bug picked out the yarn with some of his Christmas money and I whipped up his very own Jimmy the Dinosaur in a matter of days.  He loves Jimmy and sleeps with him every night.  Jimmy has come on trips to the dentist and the doctor with us and I’m sure he’ll make more car trips in the future.

Jimmy the Dinosaur

Jimmy the Dinosaur 2

After that, I made myself the Fireside Pullover from the 2008 winter edition of Interweave Crochet.  It’s now one of my favorite sweaters…It’s not the greatest picture of me…I look like crap…

Fireside Pullover

After that, I made a crocheted bag to carry my crafts in.  I used this Stylin’ Tote Bag pattern and modified it a bit to make it more to my liking.  The bag turned out HUGE and it’s perfect!  It’s big enough that I can carry a large sweater/or blanket and several skiens of yarn with me.  It will also be perfect for traveling when I need to drag around lots of toys, lots of groceries or the average sized 4 year old!

Craft Bag

Craft Bag Open

After I finished the bag, I used some yarn left over from the Fireside Pullover to make some mittens for myself.  I loved the pattern I used to make my mom and MIL’s mittens for Christmas so I used that pattern and whipped up my own pair…course, I was making them during a February heat wave!  lol  I just need to wait until the temperature drops back down from 50’s to more seasonable 30’s so I can wear them.


Now, I’m on the search for a new project to take up my time.  I was thinking to use more of the yarn from the Fireside Pullover on some slippers….what I really should make is Darling Hubby’s Gatsby sweater, but for some reason it’s just not something I want to work on.  I should give myself a deadline and just get it done…I don’t know why I’m really having trouble getting it finished…Maybe I’ll pull that out of the closet and see if I can’t get myself motivated to work on it tonight…hopefully, I’ll turn one more WIP into a FO….


2 thoughts on “Do Phone Books Breed?

  1. You know, I can’t remember the last time I looked up a number in the phone book. Most of my friends use cell phones only and aren’t listed, and if I want a business number I check the internet. I wonder if you can tell the phone company to take you off their list. I actually doubt it because they sell advertising space to the businesses, and they want to guarantee circulation of the ads. Sigh.

  2. For awhile, I was taking the new phone books and replacing the old ones in my house. Then a few years went by where I was just tossing the new ones so they wouldn’t litter my front stairs.

    Recently, I noticed that I forgot to toss the old… OLD phone book that I would normally have replaced. It was from 2004! Oops!

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