I Hate Being Sick…

I woke this morning…well, last night really (at like 11:30) with a raging sore throat.  It majorly hurt to swallow and no amount of sprays, salt water, tea, and cough drops made any difference.  I hardly slept any last night…and today I’m not feeling any better…in fact, I feel worse.  I think it’s strep…I’ve never had strep before…and I’ve never felt sore throat pain like this before.  I did a little research and found some pictures of what strep throat looks like and I’m starting to show signs…I’ll be going to the urgent care doctor in a little while when Darling Hubby gets home from work (and a Walmart run to pick up some ice cream for me.)  Hopefully, it’s a quick diagonosis and I can get some meds that will make me feel better.  Knock on wood that no one else in the house gets it or any of my friends at craft night whom I may have unknowingly infected.  I’ve been trying to keep Bug away from me, but he just wants to snuggle as I lay on the couch.  Sigh…It sucks when mommy gets sick…

So it’s offical…I have my first ever case of strep throat.  I got a prescription for amox and now I’m just waiting for it to take effect.  I hope it’s soon cause I am in some serious pain!  I’m still hoping no one else comes down with it…it seriously sucks!


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