I’m feeling so much better today!  I am so much improved from Tuesday.  I can actually swallow food and drink now without wincing in pain.  Yeah!  I can eat more than soup now, but for a lack of anything else in the house (nothing really seems appetizing) I ended up with soup again today and tonight for game night we’re planning soup and panini type sandwiches.   My throat is looking much better, too, although my right tonsil is still rather swollen.  I’m hoping that over the next few days on the antibiotics, that will improve, too.  So far, to my knowledge, no one I was around on Monday was infected.  I’m still knocking on wood that Darling Hubby and Bug remain in the clear.

I did have a stoke of luck yesterday when the dentist office called to reschedule Darling Hubby’s cleaning.  We’d scheduled both his cleaning and my next round of fillings for the same day at alternating times so one of us could stay with Bug and Darling Hubby wouldn’t have to take too much time off work, since I’m a slacker and don’t drive…I managed to reschedule both appointments for March 5th rather than February 24th.  It will give me more time to get better (the hygienist warned me about coming to an appointment with a sore throat) and be finished with my antibiotics (I’ll take the last pill that morning.)

I want to start working on the scarf to match my mittens and hat (ravelry project links).  I’d planned to work on it Tuesday and Wednesday this week but feeling like crap and worried about being contagious, I opted not to work on it at all.  Really, I just wanted to curl in in a ball and do nothing, although yesterday I did break down and clean the kitchen because we had no more cups, spoons or bowls.  Tonight is our Dungeons and Dragons role playing game so I won’t get the chance to work on it then.  I may get a chance tomorrow.  At some point this weekend I want Darling Hubby’s help in purging past documents in our filing cabinet, shredding them, and going through the papers on the desk and shelves and put them away and sorting or tossing them.   Fun stuff.


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