My posts of late have all been happy ones!  Yeah!  I finished our taxes last night and they have been accepted by both the feds and state people already.  It’s the first time we’ve e-filed, so I’m hoping it will be a good experience for us, overall.  Fingers crossed.   We are getting quite a bit back.  It’s the most we’ve ever received (I wonder how much we’ve overpaid in the past).  I know that we’re planning to pay off the credit card debt we owe and will probably put most of the money into savings.  Darling Hubby has been thinking about one of those Sony e-reader things for a while.  Maybe we’ll spend a little on that.  We did spend some of last years return on my laptop.  It seems only fair that he get a cool gadget, too.  lol

Speaking of e-filing taxes, I heard on the radio the other night that the government is considering making people who don’t e-file pay a fee for sending in paper forms.  I know this has already started an uproar.  My first thought went to my parents.  They are much older (seniors), don’t have access to a computer or the internet and wouldn’t know what to do if they did…They are also the type of people who don’t want/like to have someone else do their taxes.  My dad has always done his own taxes.  I don’t think this new fee will ever see daylight, but you never know.

On another good, non money related note, I got my office cleaned, purged and reorganized.  I went through the filing cabinet where I store all my statements from bills and things and pulled out a few years worth to feed to the shredder.  I still have several years left in the drawer, but now I have a ton more room.  I pay many of my bills online now, so I don’t think it will fill up as fast.  I also moved some books around on the bookshelves (I put the already read ones together and the “want to read someday” ones together) and pulled a few to put into the garage sale we plan to have this May/June.  I moved some other small pieces of furniture around to give the one side of the room a different look and so we could get to the bottom shelves of a built in shelf.  Before there was a footlocker/trunk pushed up against it and the many bags containing the bridesmaid dresses I am supposed to be making for a friends wedding.  I haven’t heard from this friend in a while and at this point I’m not even sure what’s going on…I think she may have already gotten married (according to her myspace page) so if I spent all those hours making dresses that aren’t going to be worn, I’m going to be a mite PO’ed.  I really should call her and find out what’s going on…I just haven’t been much in the mood to talk to anyone, really.   I haven’t even called my mom in weeks…

Anyway, there are just a few more little items around the office that need to be put in their places and a big stack of papers that needs to be shredded, but otherwise, the room is done (and dust free!)  Bug will help me with the shredding cause he likes that sort of thing (don’t worry, I supervise the whole time!)  It feels good to get a little bit of spring cleaning in, even though it’s below freezing outside.  lol

I think I’m going to pull out some yarn and start working on a scarf before putting Bug to bed.  It won’t take me long to do.  I think I want to start yet another projects…maybe a granny square afghan or something.  I haven’t done one of those before.  It’s not like a need another blanket floating around, but it might be nice to have one on the back of the couch that matches the room.   Darling Hubby would probably kick my butt!   Maybe I could sell a few old blankets at the garage sale and it would soften the blow!  🙂  lol


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