Better and Buns

So after my little bout with hives, I’m doing much better.  Thankfully, it didn’t last long and I’ve already started looking normal again.  I hope to never experience that again and will definitely tell the dr next time (hopefully there won’t be a next time for a very long, long time) I need antibiotics.

I mentioned in my last Food for Friday post that I was planning to make these cinnamon buns.  I was so worn out Saturday afternoon from our escapade to Lowes with Bug’s friend A to build a wooden race car (I’ll share some pics when I upload them), a spur of the moment side trip to the bouncy bounce place in the mall for an hour followed by lunch at McDonalds and finally a trip to the grocery store, that I just did not have the energy to deal with them.  I was glad I waited til Sunday to start them, because I found them to be very labor/time intensive.

I started them late in the morning and didn’t finish them until around 4pm.  Most of the time I was just waiting for the dough to rise, although I did spend a lot of time attempting to get the dough the right consistency and rolling it out.  It seemed like I used a ton more flour than the recipe called for and it took a long time to get it to be “not sticky.”    We keep our house much cooler than most houses (around 65*) so it took a lot longer than it probably would have taken for the dough to rise, even though we had it on a tray table directly in front of a roaring fire.  lol  I ended up rolling out the dough on our dining room table because it was the largest surface I had which fit the 34″ x 21″ requirement for the dough to be the proper thickness.  I modified the filling portion a bit.  Instead of spreading the butter and then sprinkling on the brown sugar/cinnamon mixture, I mixed the butter, sugar and cinnamon together and essentially “finger painted” the mix onto the dough.  It worked…and it was kinda fun!  lol

Once I cut them, I put half (12)on a cookie sheet and let them rise, again, in front of the fireplace.  The other 12 I put on a cookie sheet and popped them into the freezer to save them for another day.  Once they were frozen, I bagged them and returned them to the freezer.  When the first half was done rising, I baked them.  They baked up quickly and my house smelled absolutely divine!    While they were baking, I whipped up the cream cheese icing.  When the buns were out of the oven, I frosted them with half the frosting and then put the rest into a freezer bag and into the freezer with the rest of the buns to use later.

We shared a couple last night for dessert (yes, I was good and everyone had dinner before they got a cinnamon bun) and they were so good!  They were nice and soft (thanks to the pudding), the filling wasn’t sickeningly sweet like some store bought buns I’ve had and the cream cheese icing gave the bun a nice tang that I wasn’t expecting.  It’s definitely a keeper recipe and I’m glad I made the whole batch, rather than cutting it in half like I originally planned, because now I have another dozen stored away for another day.


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