Debt Free! Yahoo!

Well, not completely, but I just paid off our credit card with a portion of our federal tax refund!  That’s HUGE!  That will save us around $100-200 each month.   Now I’m hoping that we can just keep from putting anything on the credit card for a while.  I haven’t used mine in months and when I did it was for something small and I paid it off right away.  It didn’t help that we’d paid it off all the credit card debt last year and then I coerced Darling Hubby into getting an X-box and Rock Band, ended up putting it on his card where we had a promotional interest rate (so long as it was paid on time)…and then paid it one day late a few months later.  But I have to say, the X-box was a good investment.  We’ve been using it and having fun and that’s what matters, right?

Darling Hubby got a small raise…it’s not even the cost of living, but we’ll make due.  We’ve got some money in savings and are getting a decent refund from the state…whenever they get around to giving us our money back…they are taking forever!   I’m just hoping that the rest of my dental work doesn’t drain everything…I don’t think that it will, but you never know.  I go in tomorrow for 6 more fillings.  Eeep!  The first round wasn’t that bad…fingers crossed this round goes as smoothly.  I’m just going to ask for additional novacaine in advance so we don’t have to stop work to get more.

On another good note, I’ve picked up Darling Hubby’s Gatsby sweater that I started eons ago and have made a vow with myself (in front of Rose and Leana, my crafting buddies, so I have witnesses!) that I am not going to pick up another craft project until this sweater is finished.  Kinda like a lent thing, giving up all other projects til this one is done…I’m hoping that I’ll get it done within a month.  It’s still kinda chilly outside, but with March roaring in like a lion with a small winter snowstorm, it might not be sweater weather come the end of the month when it goes out like a lamb.  I’ve at least finished the back panel and have started to work on the back neckline.  I’m actually looking forward to getting it done.  It will be one less WIP that will be hanging around in my craft trunk.  Actually, it’s really the only thing I have going that needs to be finished…

I think I’m going to go work on it for a little while, while Bug plays with his play-doh, and see how far I can get on it before I need to start making homemade pizza for dinner.  Yum!  Oh, this chili recipe that I linked to in my last Food for Friday post was a big hit with the family.  I substituted ground turkey for the beef, used a 16oz jar of Toastitos salsa, used a 15oz can of tomato sauce and  6oz can of tomato paste and omitted the corn.  It was great.  I think the only thing would have made it better would have been if we had some corn chips to dip in it.  I think I’ll have the leftovers for lunch!


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