Six More Fillings Down

Three more to go!  My trip to the dentist yesterday wasn’t terrible…it wasn’t great, either, but what trip to get fillings done is ever great?  I had to have 6 fillings done on the top 2 quadrants; 3 on each side.  Since I knew from the last time I had fillings done that I needed extra Novocaine to make sure I was completely numb, I put in a request.  This time, Dr. Liang made sure to give me extra (3-4 shots) on each side.  He did all the drilling, filling and shaping on the right side without problem.  It took about an hour.  Lauren, his assistant was right there and did a fabulous job of keeping me from drowning (or so it felt).  By the time he finished the right side, it was around noon, so Lauren switched with another assistant and went to eat her lunch.  I don’t know the new girls name, but I’ve learned that I really appreciate the job Lauren was doing.  It’s no fun feeling like you are drowning in your own spit and trying your best not to swallow while the dentist is using that drill that vibrates down to your very soul.  Thankfully, Lauren came back quickly.  Oh, and we’ve come to the conclusion that I need extra, extra Novocaine on my left side.  By the time Dr. Liang started drilling, I was able to feel the drill…again…Thankfully, one extra shot did the trick and it took about another hour to do the last set.  I got out of there around 1, two hours of being in the chair.

Darling Hubby had a cleaning at 10:30 and decided to take Bug in with him rather than leave him with me in the waiting room and then trying to shuttle him around from one parent to the other.  They took me back just a few minutes before Darling Hubby was done (my appt was at 11) and the alone time let me read some of my book and chat with another mom in the waiting room.  Bug was a good boy while Daddy was in the chair getting poked and prodded.  He even got some little treats from the hygienist.  He got another new toothbrush (he now has 3 new tooth brushes in the cupboard in the bathroom), a timer for timing how long he brushes (unfortunately, it doesn’t work that well) a couple packs of crayons and a coloring book and a sticker with a dog that looks like our dog Max.

I have one more appointment for fillings…only 3 more on the bottom right.  It’s not until the end of May, on the same day and time as Bug’s next cleaning.  Daddy will take him in to see the hygeinst and Mr. Tickles, while I see Mr. Drill again…lol

Oh, on the craft front, I’ve finished the back panel of Darling Hubby’s Gatsby sweater.  It feels good to have it done.  I started on the front yesterday and so far so good.  I think that I have finally figured out the pattern and how it needs to work to keep the right number of stitches.  Hopefully, it won’t take too long to get the front done and then I can start on the sleeves.  I just hope that after all the work I put into it that it actually fits him properly.  It just looks huge and I’m concerned it’s going to be overly baggy.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


2 thoughts on “Six More Fillings Down

  1. When I got to college it had been 11 years since I had seen a dentist, and I had as many cavities that needed to be filled. I went through exactly what you did – the dentist gave me 2 tubes of lidocaine and 6 tubes of methocarbocaine and I STILL felt the drill. It was only after he used the ligajet, a tool used for root canals, that I was able to tolerate some of the fillings.

    Since I moved to San Francisco, I got a new dentist who told me that, if the other dentist needed the ligajet, he was doing something wrong. I had to have 1 filling since moving here, and it only took the normal amount of anesthesia. I guess there’s a lesson in that – it could be that the dentist doesn’t know what he’s doing.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who avoids the dentist! lol

      I don’t think it was anything he was doing wrong, in my case…I just think that it had been an hour or so since he first gave me the Novocaine, so by the time he started working on the left side, the Novocaine had already started to wear off. I had already regained most of the feeling in the right side of my face by the time I left the office (2 hours after the first shot). The first round of fillings he only gave me 2 shots and this time he gave me 3 or so in each side. I think that even if he had started with the left side, I would have been feeling the drill by the time he got to the other side. My husband sees the same dentist and had no trouble with the anesthesia and he had several fillings done at once, too…I think it’s just me!

      Maybe you have a resistance to the lidocaine and the methocarbocaine? I’ve never had either of those 2 before. I figured most dentists just used Novocaine.

      At least it’s almost done…only 3 more to go…hopefully no more for a good long time after that!

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