Crochet Connundrum

I’ve hit yet another road block with the Gatsby Sweater I’ve been crocheting for Darling Hubby.  I finished both the front and the back panels and added the ribbing at the bottom to both.  The front panel is slightly larger width wise than the back, but it’s workable…next come the sleeves.  I started out and measured the bottom of the sleeve which should have been around 11.75″…mine was 14″.  I started the back panel with the G and finished the front panel with the same G hook…and well, they are 2 different sizes.  I guess I finally got comfortable with the pattern since we worked out our differences, so to speak, and my gauge has apparently loosened up.  Have I mentioned before that I have gauge issues?

Well, I tried moving down to the F hook I used to make the waist ribbing….the sleeve was still to wide.  I had to go all the way down to my E hook (I don’t have anything smaller) and finally got the sleeve to be the proper width at the bottom.  It sucks, majorly.  I’m using Lion Brand wool-ease and with the small E hook it snags at every turn and I’m just having such a tough time with it.  To top it all off, I’m having issue getting the pattern right.  It seems that every time I add in the extra hdc’s one side gets longer than the other.  It’s just very frustrating and I’m not sure I even want to finish it because of all the snags I keep hitting.  I do want to get it finished because I promised Darling Hubby, but now, I don’t know if I’ll get it finished by Easter, which is my “deadline.”

In the mean time, while I’m procrastinating picking up that E hook again, I’ve been looking at crocheted blankets.  Bug got accepted into the Montessori Magnet School here in the city for Pre-K and in looking at the class supply list for the current year I noticed that he’ll get to bring a small baby sized blanket with him, probably for nap/quiet time.  I wanted to make something special for Bug, something unique that no other kid would have.  Right now I have 2 patterns.  One is a Spider-man round ripple and the other is the Wheels on the Bus Quilt.  Bug would choose the Spider-man blanket, but I’m leaning toward the Bus quilt.  It’s a standard blanket shape which I can easily shrink down to “baby blanket” size and it’s very adorable.  Plus, I think it’s very fitting for when he goes to school for the first time.  I can also personalize it with Bug’s name on the side of the bus.  I have plans to modify the layout of the picture, making it more symmetrical and going down a hook size to make the squares 2″ rather than 2.5″ giving me a blanket approximately 28×36″ plus border.

Herein lies my connundrum.  Do I keep working on Darling Hubby’s Sweater, fighting with it until I eventually get it done, probably stressing myself out and making more and more mistakes or do I start working on making the bus quilt for Bug…I mean, I’ve got until September to get the blanket done and I told myself I’d get the sweater done by Easter.  I just have a strong desire to work on something other than that confounded sweater!  lol  Just a little secret…I started making some black sqares just to try out the pattern and I’m enjoying it.

But, I’m going to be good and go pick up my E hook and attempt to once again work out my differences with Good Ol’ Gatsby…sigh…I did make a vow…


One thought on “Crochet Connundrum

  1. My advice? Start the new project, but every day tell yourself “I have to crochet ___ amount of the sweater before I can work on the blanket.” I have a chronic inability to work on one project at a time, and this is how I get through the things for which I have a deadline but no enthusiasm.

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