The Plan – 30 Day Shred

I’m lazy…I’ll get that out right now.  I hate to exercise.  Being in gym class in high school was the worst…all the running and jumping, especially the mile run around the football field.  Talk about killer.  I get winded just thinking about it.  I’m just a sedentary person.  I loved having a desk job at the library and at home I’m content to curl up on the couch with my laptop, some crocheting or a good book.  I used to walk nearly a mile five days a week to work, but that was the bulk of the exercise I got.  I even walked for the first 8 months of my pregnancy with Bug.  Now, the thought of exercise is enough to make me cringe.

Unfortunately, it was during my pregnancy that I gained an exorbitant amount of weight…over 50lbs!  Gasp!  (Mainly, thanks to all the loving work study students and co-workers who fed me snickers, twizzlers and hot chocolate nearly every day…ok, I can’t say that it was all their fault…They didn’t sit on me and force feed me…they just led me to temptation…and how is a pregnant woman craving everything they offered to resist?)  I was over the 200lb mark by the end and it didn’t help that I was 2 weeks overdue.  Of course, Bug was also 9lbs 13oz, but by the 6 week mark (post delivery), I was down to 175.  It’s been 4 years and I’m down to 165 where I have been stuck for at least 3 years.  I’m only 5’3″ so, yes, according to what “they” say, I’m overweight.  Before I got pregnant with Bug, I was around 155lbs.  That’s still overweight according to “them.”  Before I met Darling Hubby I was around 120lbs and I was happy there.  Course, I wasn’t the healthiest person then…(I was prone to not eating for days on end to keep my scrawney, pants falling down constantly look) but, I liked what I saw when I looked in the mirror.  I realized after graduation that I wasn’t healthy doing what I’d been doing and now I have a love, love relationship with food (I’m a junk food junky) and also with my favorite spot on the couch!  lol

So, my goal is to get down to about 150lbs by the summer and possibly drop a pant size or two.  I’m wearing a size 16 now (they are on the loose side, though) and have been this size for some time.  I’d love to be at most a size 12 (I’ve never been anything lower than a size 11 since 6th grade…so size 10 would make me very happy, but I’ll settle for a 14 to start.   I plan to attempt this goal by doing Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred.  Darling Hubby picked up a copy for me Thursday night as well as a set of 2lb hand weights (I’ll probably break out my 5lb-ers when I start level 2).  I plan to start tomorrow.   I’d love to go even lower weight wise, but I think for now, 15 lbs is a reasonable goal for me.  It just doesn’t help that today was Easter and between all the candy that Bug got from his 2 egg hunts, my mom and what Darling Hubby bought…there’s WAY TOO MUCH CANDY IN MY HOUSE FOR A DIETING CANDYHOLIC!

OK, so here’s where I need some help.  I’m not a morning person and detest getting out of bed when the sun is shining (I was probably a vampire in a past life.  lol.) I never have liked mornings and probably never will.  I’ve probably mentioned that here somewhere before.  Well, I’m going to try to change that.  I have a tendency to be extra lazy in the mornings (mainly because I have no where in particular that I have to be) so Bug and I will often curl up in bed in the morning…and stay there til around 9:30 just watching tv and catching a few more zzz’s.  That’s going to need to change when Bug has to be at school by 8am…  So, in an effort to start getting my butt out of bed and getting a start to the day, I’m going to start getting up by 7am (gasp!), doing my 22 minutes of Shredding and then shower, hopefully before Bug wakes up.  I have a thing against exercising in front of other people, even little munchkins, so I’m hoping to get everything done before he’s up and about.

I’m going to need some help with being held accountable.  I’m hoping that by posting about each days workout, that I’ll keep up on it and not wuss out when the pain gets to me.  I’m also not doing this alone.  My friend Megan (of SortaCrunchy fame) is also Shredding (aka shrinking) and has offered to check in on me occasionally and I can guarentee that I’ll be following her on her shredding journey at her Sorta Shrinking blog.

Fingers crossed that this all goes well!  If I can make myself start making up my bed every day, then maybe, just maybe I can start exercising every day, (and enjoy it) too.


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