30 Day Shred – Day 3

One more day under my belt!  Yeah!  I’m feeling really good today.  Woke up a little more sore than yesterday, but it’s bearable. I love how I feel like I don’t want to move, but after a few minutes of the work out, my body has loosened up.  I even pushed myself a little harder to do the jump roping part correctly (not my modified version) and I started doing the butt kicks a little higher, too.  I’m still doing the girly push-ups, though.  I think tomorrow I may break out my 5lb weights for some of the exercises and by day 7 or so I might bump to level 2!

I still had my apple and a glass of water for my before workout breaky and after my shower and I got Bug up, we had egg and cheese omelets.  My plan is not to eat anything more until lunch (just drink water)…then it will probably be an egg salad sandwich (again).  Dinner is going to be chicken speidie salad.  Unfortunately, despite watching what I eat and my portion sizes, my scale is not going the direction I want it to.  This morning I was up to 157…that’s 2 lbs more than Monday…I just hope I’m building muscle…does muscle build that fast?

Oh, Darling Hubby has basically given me a challenge.  He said he didn’t think I could do all 30 days…I’m bound and determined to prove him wrong, now.  I’m still looking forward to day 4!


One thought on “30 Day Shred – Day 3

  1. Hi! I’ve been browsing blogs of people who are also Shredding and I came across yours… I’m on day two of level one, and I am so sore!!! It’s good to read blogs like yours because it’s so encouraging! I’m tracking my Shred progress on my blog at http://thelastten.wordpress.com, and I hope I’ll be able to stick it out…

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