30 Day Shred – Day 5 – Back on Track

So, I’m back on track today…well, in the shredding department anyway.  I’m feeling a ton better health wise, almost back to 100%, but I had the worst time getting out of bed this morning.  I didn’t help that we turned the heat off in our house in a bid to save a little cash and it was freezing in here this morning.  I just wanted to stay snuggled under my covers in my nice cozy bed, rather than toss on shorts and a t-shirt and jump around in my living room at 7am.  I didn’t end up working out until 10:30 after noshing on 2 slices of toast with a little butter.  For lunch I had a small bowl of leftover General Tso’s Chicken and Pork Fried Rice.  For dinner I’m planning to make a Thanksgiving Dinner meatloaf with ground turkey, stuffing mix and cranberry sauce.  Hopefully it’s yummy and not too fattening!  lol

Having been off for 4 days, I figured that the workout was going to put me back at square one, but I was pretty close to being where I left off.  I had a little trouble with the push-ups…my arms were all jelly and I again had trouble with the jump roping, but over all it was a good workout.  I was very happy with how the bicycle crunches felt this morning.  Maybe my abs will flat soon!  I think maybe next week I’ll jump up to level 2 and give that a try.

In the weight department I’m down (or should I say up) to 152lbs.  I’m hoping that my weight stays pretty stationary here and doesn’t go back up to where it was before I got sick.  Fingers crossed!


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