30 Day Shred – Day 6

One more day under my belt.  It felt good today.  I bumped up to my 5lb weights for some of the exercises, mainly the chest flys and the side lunges.  I worked on pushing myself a little more and was sweatier today than I have been in past days.  I didn’t have anything to eat before I started working out, only half a glass of gatoraid and fortunately, it didn’t seem to affect me.  I also found that working out lifted my bad mood, which is a bonus.

I was reading through blogs of other people who are shredding and found that the shred is on you tube.  I ended up watching level 2 just to see what was in store and while it doesn’t look too bad, it looks like it would be pretty painful!  lol  I think I’m going to do one more day of level 1 and then on Friday I may jump to level 2.  I’m debating because I’ve planned to take off on the weekends and I’m not sure I want to do one day at level 2 followed by 2 days off.  I may just wait until Monday…but, I’ll see what the day brings.  I’m just dreading those plank positions…

I also noticed last night that my stomach muscles have tightened up a little.  I did have a slight struggle with the bicycle crunches today, though.  Hopefully, it doesn’t get in the way of the tight abs I want.

It was obvious that I was feeling much better last night…I ended up snacking more than I wanted to.  Darling Hubby dragged out the bag of Easter candy that I’d been attempting to ignore in the back of the cupboard.  I ended up eating 4 Hershey’s miniatures, a roll of smarties, a few M&M’s followed up by a Pina Colada Italian Ice…all while watching Reaper and Deadliest Catch…I was up to 153lbs this morning before my shower.  I’ve gotta start watching what I’m snacking on…I’ve always been a snacker…

Hopefully, tomorrow, I’ll be in a decent mood in the morning and I’ll get back to my 7am wake-up routine.  I was just so pissed off this morning that I pretty much flat our refused to get up.  It’s probably best that I didn’t get up…I would have been more miserable…and no one wants that.


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