30 Day Shred – Day 11

Today was a much better day to workout, weather wise.  It was not quite 50 degrees and I wasn’t dripping with sweat by the end.  I was still sweating, but not as much as yesterday.  Today I did everything on the very low impact side.  For some reason during the first set of jumping jacks in the warm up, the outside of my left knee started hurting every time I put my foot down.  I tried doing some additional knee circles, but it didn’t seem to help.  I’m just going to have to watch it and maybe do the knee circles before I start tomorrow.  I strugged through the plank positions this time.  I think the soreness in my shoulders is starting to catch up with me.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

We had a bit of excitement in our neighborhood last night.  Shortly after Darling Hubby got home we heard sirens that sounded pretty close.  We always hear sirens so we just ignored them.  I decided that it was just too hot to cook so we decided to get a bucket of the new KFC grilled chicken (which is so yummy, btw) so Darling Hubby ran out to get it.  When he came home he was forced to drive up our one way street the wrong way because there were firetrucks and hoses all over the street we turn off of.  Apparently there was a 3 alarm fire right around the corner from us!  Darling Hubby took Bug for a walk over so he could see the firetrucks in action. The fire was out at that point, but the firefighters were still spraying water on hot spots.  Bug also pointed out the news truck that was parked there doing a live interview with the fire chief.  The fire is still under investigation and it’s up to a structural engineer as to whether or not the building will be torn down.  It was pretty badly burned.  It took much of the night before our water returned back to normal.  Since they were using many fire hydrants, it stirred up sediment and made our water all yellow brown and nasty.  There were no water advisories, so I’m guessing it was just a typical thing that happens.

So after all that, managed to go through some of the stuff in my attic last night and pulled out some stuffed animals, glassware and knickknacks.  I’m debating on getting rid of some toys that we got for Bug when he was a baby.  I’d still like to have another baby at some point and I’d like to save the toys, but at the same time some of the toys I’m considering letting go were ones that Bug just didn’t get that much enjoyment out of so I’m torn if future kids would enjoy them.   Decisions, decisions…At least I managed to organize some stuff and clean up some of the mess.  I’ll probably go back up on Friday and sort through some more stuff.  I won’t have the chance tonight since Darling Hubby is going to the game store and won’t be around to watch Bug (I don’t want him in the attic…it’s too dirty and cluttered) and tomorrow is our DnD game.

Maybe tonight I’ll crochet a few more squares for Bug’s Wheels on the Bus blanket.  I’m almost done with the green solid square (the rest are all done) and I only have the half squares left to make.  Then the sewing begins.


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