30 Day Shred – Pilates Instead

I woke up this morning with a dull throbbing in the side of my knee and decided to give myself a break from the shred as I didn’t want to injure it further.  I still wanted to work out (like I told Nikkie who commented on a prior post, I feel guilty when I don’t, even though I don’t miss the workout if I skip it) but didn’t want the high impact of the cardio jumping with Jillian.  I’ve had a Denise Austin Pilates for Everybody DVD for many years now and knew it would be lower impact than the shred.  I bought it when Darling Hubby and I were living in our apartment, back when I was on my pilates kick (it didn’t last very long, however.)

I enjoyed the workout and felt very relaxed and stretched out afterward.  I’m sure I didn’t burn a lot of calories as I didn’t get my heart rate up, but I could feel the workout in my abs and my legs, toning and strengthening.  I think I might add this dvd to my workout routine.  I really would like to be able to fully use my abs for the pilates floor moves (the roll-ups, etc).  Right now, my abs are pretty weak and I have trouble rolling back up without using my arms to give me a boost.  It takes time, I know…I just want to see results.

I also wanted to get out for a walk today, but Bug didn’t want to go when I wanted to go and now it’s getting dreary and dark out.  I think it might rain…I’ll check the weather and maybe we can go out to play in the yard rather than a walk.  I don’t want to get caught out in the rain away from the house.  I could lug the umbrella, but it’s a golf umbrella and is rather large…

Plus, I have to straighten up my house and come up with something for dinner.  It’s our game night tonight so the gang is coming over…we didn’t decide to do dinner as a group, so we are fending for ourselves for food.  Maybe I’ll make Hamburger Helper or something fast.

Oh, and speaking of game night, I got a package in the mail from Barbara over at Knittin & Kittens.  She sent me an awesome d20 keychain!  Maybe it will be my lucky charm at the table tonight!  It’s a clear die with purplish sparkles inside.  Oddly enough, I have the same set in my collection!   Depending how they roll in my pre-game ritual (yes, I’m slightly superstitious with my dice) maybe I’ll be using that set.  Thanks Barbara!  It was an awesome little surprise in the mail today!

Off to clean…


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