30 Day Shred – Day 12

I almost forgot what day I was on since it’s been so long since I’ve shredded!   I took Friday off last week, skipped Saturday and Sunday like I have been (but did some walking at Hoffman’s Playland and Chuck-E-Cheese on Sunday)  and decided to skip yesterday, too…I’m not even sure why I skipped yesterday aside from the fact that I just wasn’t in the mood to work out.  I really wish I had worked out yesterday…I’m feeling guilty and that I’ve cheated myself somehow.

I was going to do my pilates today since I woke up with a kink in my neck, but decided that I really need to get my heart rate up and burn some calories instead and I was hoping that my neck didn’t hamper that.  Thankfully, it didn’t bother me much.  I really tried to push myself today, even though it was super hard today after having 4 days off.  I thought I was going to have to quit during the oblique twists/skaters portion.  I started wheezing really bad and couldn’t catch my breath.  I’ve been having some trouble breathing, mostly in the evenings, even when I’m just sitting around on the couch.  I think I might have a mild form of asthma or something.  Asthma runs in my family (my mom didn’t develop it until her 40’s – I’m not quite 30) and I’ve always had trouble breathing during long periods of cardio, especially during running.  That’s probably why I detested Phys Ed in High School.  If it keeps up, I think I might make an appointment with my doctor to see what’s up.  It’s slightly disconcerting when you are breathing normally and then feel like you can’t get a deep breath.  It’s livable now, despite that fact that Darling Hubby hates my complaining about it.  I don’t think I complain too much…just when it’s been going on for a while.

Hopefully tomorrow will go better.   I’m definintely going to be better this week about working out…no more excuses and no taking Friday off just because it’s Friday!  lol  A friend of mine was just told by her doctor that she needs more exercise and that she should exercise any day that she eats!  lol  Guess I should either start working out more than 4 days a week or stop eating on the days I don’t workout!  lol  I can probably manage 5 days a week of working out…Maybe that will be my goal for next week…no phoning it in, as Jillian says!


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