30 Day Shred – Day 13

Lucky 13!  Today wasn’t as hard as yesterday, but it was pretty tough.  I think my hardest obstacle is the fact that my knee starts hurting right off the bat.  I think I might need new sneakers…the ones I have are pretty old…I bought them shortly after Bug was born…umm…that was only 4 years ago!  I’m not hard on sneakers as I don’t wear them day in and day out since I’m a stay at home mom…I’m much more comfortable in my slippers or bare feet.  The sneakers I have are in good condition still, but I think that the shock absorbent qualities are shot and it’s taking it toll on my knee joints.  I’ve never had knee problems before, so it’s very probable that it’s the shoes.  I didn’t have problems with level 1, but level 2 is higher impact and even with the modified moves it’s still hard.

This Friday, Darling Hubby is taking the day off and we plan to do our grocery shopping since we won’t have a chance to do it over the weekend, since I’m babysitting on Saturday (Baby Girl) and I really don’t want to spend Mother’s Day in the grocery store…lol  Darling Hubby might go see the new Star Trek movie Friday morning as well…I may tag along with him and  together, Bug and I, we can scope out the shoe stores around the mall for some quality shoes in my price range.  We may also go to the drive -in Saturday night to see both Star Trek and Monsters Vs. Aliens.   I think that Bug will make it through both movies.  He stayed up and watched Kung Fu Panda and Indiana Jones last summer.  He may require a nap before we go, though…I may require a nap, too!  lol

Anyway, I’m hoping I can endure the next two workouts with my old shoes.  I’ve been feeling pretty good after my workouts, depsite the knee pain.  Only 17 more days to go!  lol


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