30 Day Shred – Day 14 & 15

So, I wimped out last week and skipped Thursday because my knee was hurting and I didn’t want to cause further injury.  Friday I went to the mall and walked from one end to the other and back looking for shoes (I found some in my price range that fit the bill, so I’m happy), so I felt that I did get some exercise in, although it wasn’t as good as the shred.  Like usual I skipped the weekend and ended up eating a ton of junk food thanks to going to the movies Saturday night and getting my monthly curse on Sunday…yesterday I ate horribly…circus peanuts for breakfast, cheese and flip-side crackers and more circus peanuts for lunch…at least I had a couple bowls of cheese tortellini and Alfredo sauce and a piece of Texas toast for dinner instead of more sugary candy.  lol  I didn’t even have any snacks last night after Craft Night.

Yesterday I did level 2 of the shred (Day 14).  It was the first day with the new shoes and I did notice a difference.  My knee did start to hurt a bit, but not as bad as before.  I managed to push myself a little harder yesterday and did the more advanced plank jacks.  I still can’t do the plank lunges (I think that’s what they are called – the ones where you jump with both feet under you in plank position).

Today (Day 15 – half way there!!!) I pushed a little more and did the plank jacks without stopping.  I’m having trouble with the oblique twists and I think that might be why my knee hurts.  It started really throbbing during the move and I also started getting a cramp in my right side during the move.  I think I’m just not cut out for these jumping moves!  I need to take it slow and easy!

I think tomorrow I’m going to give level 3 a try.  I don’t know if I’m 100% ready, but I’m going to try.  Worse comes to worse and I drop back down to level 2 the day after.  I’m think that maybe the change in the workout will help my knee…I watched it today on you tube and there is some jumping, but I think I can do  it.  The girls on the video make it look so easy. I’m just not looking forward to the sit-ups.  I could barely do sit-ups in high school with someone holding my feet.  I don’t stand a chance in hell of doing one now…I can’t even do the curl up moves in pilates…

I haven’t noticed anything in weight loss.  I have noticed my endurance is better and I’m a little stronger.  I’m still jealous of Natalie and Anita and how trim they are around the middle.  I’m still flabby and jiggly.  >8^(  I think I need to join some of the girls on one of my mommy boards who are keeping track of everything they eat and how much they exercise.  Maybe I’ll start a food journal on my blog so I can see what I’m eating and how much I’m eating.  I know I have a tendency to snack…especially after Bug goes to bed and I’m curled up on the couch with Darling Hubby watching primetime TV.   I actually slept well last night (5 straight hours!) and I think it was because I didn’t have my typical sugary snack and drink before bed.

I’m half way there and I’m still going and getting stronger.  I’m going to finish this (and hopefully keep going.)  I’m unsure what will come after the 30 days are up.  Maybe I’ll look into other Jillian Michaels videos.  An old high school friend recommended her Metabolism one.  Seems like it’s worth a try.  Time will tell…


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