Not So Family Friendly’s

Tonight Darling Hubby wanted to take us out for dinner.  I wasn’t really in the mood to cook a home cooked meal…I was just going to throw some frozen chicken cordon bleu and some tater tots into the oven and call it dinner…so we decided to go to Friendly’s, which is one of Bug’s favorite places to eat, aside from McDonalds.  While we were waiting for our meals to be served there was an incident that left both me and Darling Hubby scratching our heads and saying, “What was that? Seriously?”

The restaurant was filled with people, mostly families with kids ranging in age from a newborn in a car seat/carrier to around 10 years old.  Completely out of the blue the man sitting 2 booths behind me (with his wife, infant and preschool age son) and the 20 something “I’m too cool to take off my sunglasses inside” girl in the booth to my left start having a fight.  The F bomb was dropped…not once, not twice, but three times between these 2 people!  I was completely gobsmacked (to steal a phrase from Suzy) and actually covered Bug’s ears with my hands.  This is a FAMILY RESTAURANT, people!  Seriously? You are going to start a fight with a complete stranger in the middle of a restaurant filled with children?  That’s almost as bad as tackling and beating the crap of of Chuck-E-Cheese with a horde of children watching.

Darling Hubby and I talked about the whole thing after we left and neither of us can come up with the reason these people (obviously total strangers) started fighting.  They just started swearing at each other, saying something about having a conversation with someone and staring…I have no clue…really.  The whole restaurant became silent and the servers who were taking orders just stood around, obviously as flabbergasted as the rest of us.

The whole thing was pretty short lived, especially when the manager came over, but I just can’t believe the behavior some people decide they can display in public, especially when there are several kids around, including your own impressionable son.  I seriously had to stop myself from turning around and telling the man to watch his language there are children present.  I’m sure had I done so it would have opened up a whole other can of something I don’t want Bug to see.  I thought before I spoke and I kept my mouth shut.

I just wonder how often that man’s little boy sees his father swear at complete strangers?  I wonder how that little boy will behave when he reaches adulthood, if his children will bear witness to him swearing at complete strangers and dropping the F bomb like it totally proper for an everyday public conversation.

I know that this sort of thing happens all the time.  People swear.  I’m no saint…I have a potty mouth…I’ll admit it, but when there are children present or other people whom I think it is impropper to swear around, I clean up my act.  I don’t have random outbursts with strangers in restaurants filled with families and their kids.  I think before I speak and this is something these 2 didn’t do and it makes me sad; Sad that Bug is growing up in a world where words that were once taboo to say now flow off the tongue like water over a waterfall…fast and furious.

Plain and simple, I just wish people would think before they speak.  You not only hurt others when you fly off the handle dropping swear words left and right, but you make yourself look like a complete fool.  I for one don’t want to play the part of the King’s Jester, so I keep my tongue in check.


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