30 Day Shred – Day 19

Another day done and I’m feeling great.  I’m still doing level 3 and today was the first day that my knee didn’t hurt while working out or afterward.  I really felt the burn today and really worked up a sweat.   I was actually able to do more of the sumo jumps and the rock stars.  I’m getting better at the sit-ups and the scissor crunches. I used my 5lb weights during the dumbbell cleans and for a portion of the shadowboxing dumbbells and the buttkicks.  I had to switch to the 2lbs during the shadowboxing dumbbells and for the jumping jacks, but it was more than I could have done last week, that’s for sure!

In other good news, I’m down a pound, which is surprising since I haven’t been the best eater this weekend.  I had dinner at Friendly’s on Friday and lunch at Burger King on Saturday.   I tried to make good choices while eating out and once again didn’t over indulge, even though I shared a 3 scoop sundae with Darling Hubby.   My food journal is a little lacking for the weekend because I wasn’t near the computer a lot and well, I don’t remember what I ate for several of my meals.

Today I had two slices of homemade cinnamon raisin bread, toasted, with butter and a few sprinkles of cinnamon and sugar and a cup of tea for breakfast.  I haven’t eaten lunch just yet.  I’m thinking a sandwich of some sort…dinner will be a couple slices of pizza that Leana is cooking for craft night dinner, a small piece of coffee cake for dessert and a small glass of pepsi.  I’m trying to drink more water, too, and cutting back on the sugary drinks.  Maybe I will look good come swimsuit season!  lol


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