30 Day Shred – Day 20

I got through day 20.  Today was both easier and tougher at the same time.  I had an easier time with the sit-ups and did a little better with all the jumps and even the scissor crunches.  What threw me was the fact that I have a sore throat.  My mouth ended up getting a bit dry, which made my throat and swallowing rather uncomfortable.  It seemed like I had to take frequent breaks to snag sips of water.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better in terms of the sore throat.

I’ve done pretty well with my eating today.  I splurged a bit this morning and ate the last cinnamon bun.  It was taunting me and it was small, so I noshed away on it.  I did share some with Bug, so I don’t feel as guilty as I didn’t eat the whole thing all by myself.  lol  For lunch I ate the last 2 pieces of pizza from dinner yesterday.  Again, I shared them with Bug, so I don’t feel as guilty for eating 2 pieces like I did last night.  For dinner I made Spanish rice and had just a medium sized bowl.   Before I took my shower before lunchtime I weighed myself and I’m still at the 155lbs I was at yesterday.  That’s a relief.

Last night I tried drinking a cup of chamomile tea with honey in the hopes that it would help me fall asleep and stay asleep.  I haven’t gotten a good nights sleep in what feels like forever and it’s causing a bit of stress between me and Darling Hubby.  I’m sure I’ve said all this before…I’m not a morning person and the fact that I’m grumpy in the morning grates on Darling Hubby a lot.  Tonight he as looking up causes and remedies for not sleeping well/insomnia and as I was reading over his shoulder I saw something about resetting your Circadian Rhythm.  This is probably part of the problem.  I go to bed when I’m not tired, toss and turn till I fall asleep, wake up several times and then end up staying in bed long past when I should have gotten up just so I can “catch up” on those z’s I didn’t actually get like I should have…it pains me to say it, but I think getting my butt out of bed at 7 might be the only way to actually get myself onto a schedule where I sleep for 6-8 hours.  I cringe at the thought of getting up at 7…even though I’d planned to do it so I could get my shred in, it didn’t happen except for a couple days…

Tomorrow….I’m going to get up at 7…no matter how little sleep I got or how grumpy I am…blah…

Oh, and one more thing.  Today is my friend Rachelle’s birthday.  I want to wish her a happy birthday, despite the fact that she has the flu and got chosen for jury duty…I hope you get to celebrate properly on another non sick, non jury duty day!


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