Food for Friday – 5/25 – 6/7

Monday – Craft Night – Not sure if we will cancel for Memorial Day…It’s Leana’s turn to cook, if we don’t meet – Hamburger Helper
Tuesday – BLT’s
Wednesday – Rotisserie Chicken with oven roasted potatoes and peas
Thursday – Game Night – Dinner TBD
Friday -Chicken salad with assorted dressing
Saturday – Marinated grilled chicken
Sunday – Fend for yourself

Monday – Craft Night – If we got together last week it will be my turn (Bourbon Chicken) if not, it’s still Leana’s turn.
Tuesday – Beef Noodle Bowl
Wednesday – Fish Fillets and fries
Thursday – Bacon Cheese chicken rolls with pasta and veggies
Friday – Rosemary pork and oven roasted potatoes
Saturday – Fend for yourself
Sunday – Chili topped baked potatoes


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