No More Dentists & 30 Day Shred – Day 23

I got up this morning at 7 to a whimpering Bug who said his leg hurt.  I ate the other half of Bug’s discarded banana, which I smeared with peanut butter and did day 23 of the Shred.  It was a good workout and I’m feeling pretty confident that I’m getting better, especially with the sit-ups.  I’m still doing the modified ones, but they are getting a little easier.  I doubt I’ll ever do them like Natalie, though…I was feeling a little dizzy afterward and I think it was because I didn’t eat as much as I usually do and I didn’t wait as long as I normally do before working out.  I’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

After my shred and shower I got ready to go to the dentist.  Bug had his second cleaning and I had my final round of fillings.  I just want to say that I NEVER want to go through fillings again!  Of the three rounds of fillings, this was the worst.  I got the customary 2 shots of Novacaine and the dental dam, complete with that clamp on my back tooth…it pinched the inside of my gum horribly!  Insert the drill and here comes the pain.  I could feel EVERYTHING!  I got a 3rd needle full of Novacaine and we thought I’d be good to go.  It worked for the last 2 times…wrong…They reapplied the dental dam and again started drilling.  OUCH!  I could still feel ever spin of the drill and the clamp was still pinching something fierce.  Dr. Liang ended up taking everything out again and giving me several shots of a local anesthetic right on the inside of my teeth, the outside, everywhere.  We waiting a few minutes and we tried again.  Thankfully this time it was numb-er, but I could still feel the drilling in places…at least it was bearable.  To top everything off, my jaw decided that it was going to lock up, probably because of the Novacaine and for the longest time I had a hell of a time opening my mouth wide enough so he could work.  It’s over and done with now…my jaw is still pretty sore and it hurts to open it very wide.  I think I’m going to go easy on eating something…maybe some soup or something.  I’m starving…my half a banana is gone…I do have to say that Dr. Liang and his assistant Lauren were great.  They were so patient with me through everything and didn’t complain or bawlk at the idea of starting and stopping.  They really wanted my experience to be pain free…well as pain free as getting your teeth drilled out and filled can be!  lol

On a good note, Bug got a clean bill of dental health.  He did so well for the hygienist and was talking non stop when she didn’t have an implement in his mouth.  He even had the dentist and his patient in the next cubicle laughing with all the silly and random things he was saying.  He does have a chipped front tooth (which we have no clue how he chipped), but they aren’t concerned since it’s still a baby tooth and will fall out in the next couple years anyway.  I’m so glad he does well and isn’t scared.  I just hope he never has to endure what Darling Hubby and I have gone through.

I’m off to find something to eat and crochet more on the lavender baby blanket.  I’m almost done with it and I’m very happy with how it’s coming out.   I just hope the recipient likes it as much as I do!


2 thoughts on “No More Dentists & 30 Day Shred – Day 23

  1. Ouch, sorry to hear about the painful dentist appointment, those dang shots, eek. I hope it feels alot better soon, be sure to take some ibuprofen. Glad you got your shred in at least. I did level 2 today for the first time, wow its hard!

    • Thanks. My jaw is still pretty sore. I think I’ll take some more Motrin to easy the pain after I do my shred here in a few minutes. Watch your knees in level 2. After a few days of it I had major knee pain and after switching the level 3 (and buying new cross trainers) the pain went away. It could have been my shoes, but I seriously think it was the level…it was pretty intense. Keep up the good work!

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