30 Day Shred – Day 24

One more day under my belt.  I can’t believe that I only have 6 more days left.  If all goes as planned, I should be finished with all 30 days by next Friday.  Go me!  This morning the scale was on the verge of giving me a lower number, but couldn’t be persuaded.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll be down…provided I don’t pig out tonight at game night.  I have a tendency to munch when there is food in front of me and on game night, there is generally food…mostly of the junk variety (chips, cookies, desserty type items.)  I haven’t noticed much weight loss since I’ve started keeping track of my diet (it’s only been a couple weeks of  keeping track), but I have noticed that I’m looking a little slimmer in places.  Darling Hubby has noticed it, too.  I was thinking that I’d like to lose 3-4 more lbs (getting down to 150lbs) before my 29th birthday on June 22nd.  It’s 25 days, including weekends…so maybe it’s a possibility…All I can do is try!

For some reason I struggled a little today with the workout and I have a feeling it’s because I’ve changed my breakfast routine.  The past couple days I’ve switched to eating just a banana for breakfast rather than my typical bowl of Special K and a cup of tea.  Yesterday and today I started getting dizzy and weak-feeling mid way through and I felt like I was starting to phone it in…lol  I think tomorrow I’ll eat my standard bowl of cereal and see if that makes any difference.

In terms of the workout moves, I was able to do some of the rockstar jumps today and was a little better at the sit-ups.  I tried to do the arm and leg lifts in actual plank position yesterday and today, but was having some trouble still.  I think it’s because of my weights and the fact that I don’t balance well on them in plank.  I have to use my 5lbs weights because my 2lbs don’t give me enough clearance to wrap my fingers around them and I just don’t balance on them as well as I do with my hands flat on the ground.  I think I may try to do it without the weights to see if I can do the leg lifts in plank rather than on my knees like Anita. I’m hating the traveling push-ups…I just hate push-ups in general, though…although I did like the walking push-ups in level 2…

One thing I’ve noticed about level 3 verses the other levels is that the circuits flow into each other and I don’t notice switching between strength and cardio until I’m already down on the mat for abs.  It makes it go by much faster, but I was thinking of dropping back down to level 2 again to give myself a change of pace and to see if it still hurts my knees…but I’m debating…I’m finding that I’m getting bored with Anita’s level and I’m not at Natalie’s level, yet.  I’ll have to see how tomorrow goes.  Maybe this weekend (even though Darling Hubby will be home) I’ll try level 2 and not count it toward my 30 days…Decisions, decisions…lol


2 thoughts on “30 Day Shred – Day 24

  1. Wow did you say your at level 3 already, so curious what traveling pushups are, eek sounds hard.

    Did I read this correctly that your birthday is June 22nd??? Mine too, I will be 27!! How cool.

    • Yep, I’m on level 3. Been there for a while now. Traveling push-ups are like regular push-ups, but rather than having your arms just past shoulder width, you put one hand center and one off to the side. You lower down, push up and then travel, travel (move your hands) to the other side and repeat. I guess they really aren’t that hard, but I’m just not good at push-ups. lol

      How cool! I love sharing my birthday with others! Happy early birthday! 8^)

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